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AmiAmi Point Terms and Conditions

Article 1: Definition

1. Oh-Ami KK (hereafter known as "the company") or our agents set out the following provisions to be applied with regards to the aforementioned company's website (hereafter known as "the site").
This company, following the conditions stipulated below will grant or distribute AmiAmi Points (hereafter referred to as "points") to customers registered on this site (hereafter referred to as "users") upon the completion of purchases.

2. From this point on in the terms please understand that the following definitions will be used in this document: "the site" refers to, and all subdomains and URLs associated therein. "Users" refers to any individual using the Point Service.

Article 2: Extent of and Changes to the Terms and Conditions

1. The company has set the following Terms and Conditions with the understanding that they apply to both the company as well as users with the understanding that users will endeavor to follow along with them to the best of their ability.

2. Any additional or unique terms or conditions that may be posted on our site, sub-sites, via other linked sites or via direct communication from the company to the users will be considered as an element of these provisions. In any cases where unique terms or additional terms differ from those described in this listing of terms and conditions the unique or additional terms will be considered to take precedence.

3. The company reserves the right to make any changes deemed necessary to the terms and conditions without seeking the prior consent of users. From that point such changes or additions are made onwards the newly updated terms and conditions will constitute the current terms of use for the site and/or point system.

4. The company disavows any responsibility for inconvenience or loss caused to the user by updates to the terms and conditions.

Article 3: Status and Requirements of Users

1. Status of the User

By using the service described in these terms and conditions the user hereby agrees to accept the status of user and all requirements set forth herein.

2. Important Points Related to the User

(1) Transfer of points to other users or other non-authorized transfers are strictly prohibited.

(2) Points are to be used solely by the owner thereof and use by third parties is strictly prohibited.

(3) The company reserves the right to restrict the use of points or cancel previously accumulated points in the event that it discovers any actions which may be deemed as going against the terms of service listed within these terms and conditions or other terms listed on the site or in announcements from the company as well as for any actions that are deemed in any way to be against the terms set forth herein.

Article 4: Method of Point Distribution

1. When a user makes a purchase of merchandise through the store the company will distribute a set amount or percentage of points to the user.

2. The company reserves the right to determine method of point distribution, point quantity, point ratio, timing of distribution and length of validity of said points. Users agree to follow the conditions set by the company.

3. Points to be distributed will be determined upon completion of a transaction, however points will not be distributed immediately upon an order being shipped.
Points will be usable for payment only after all appropriate requirements have been met.
Points will be distributed and made available for use in purchases from approximately 17 days after the initial order has shipped.

4. Even in cases where points are used for purchase the points awarded to the order will be determined by the initial product price, not the remaining grand total. Points awarded will be determined by the product price without consideration of shipping or transaction fees.

5. In instances where orders/items are canceled or items are returned to our store any points scheduled to be allocated from that order will also be canceled.

Article 5: Use of Points

1. One point will be equivalent to one Japanese Yen and can be used for either partial or complete payment for any products available for sale on the site. Points may also be used to pay for shipping or transaction fees associated with orders.

2. Upon successfully entering the mail address (User ID) and password registered on our site the current user will be considered to be the rightful owner of the account. In the event that an unauthorized third party accesses a user account by means of the correct mail address and password the company disavows any responsibility from any resulting use or loss of any points and no compensation will be made.

3. The company reserves the right to set maximum and minimum point allocation limits for orders as well as monthly maximum point usage limits. Such changes or additions to the terms and conditions may be made at the company's discretion without any previous notice and users agree to abide by any such conditions set.

Article 6: Point Expiration and Invalidation

1. Points will be considered valid for one year after the date a user's most recent order was placed. Upon placing a new order all extant points will have their period of use extended for one additional year. The company accepts no responsibility for any points that become unusable after this period and will not provide any type of compensation for such points.

2. The company reserves the right to remove an appropriate amount of previously distributed points from a user's account in the event of a cancellation of previously ordered products or a return. If the points currently extant in the user's account are not sufficient to cover those set to be deducted the company will invoice the user for any remaining amount.

3. In the event that a user's actions are determined to go against these terms and conditions, the site's terms of use, additional terms or conditions posted or sent to users or any other actions deemed to be improper the company reserves the right to remove an appropriate amount of points from the user's account, invoice the user for any point removal that exceeds their current point total or completely revoke the privilege to use the point system.

4. The company will not provide any compensation nor accept any responsibility for points that have been canceled or invalidated.

Article 7: Point Confirmation

1. Point Usage, Remaining Points etc may be confirmed by using the Search Point History function on the My Account section of the site. There may be a slight time lag when checking the Search Point History.

2. If a user has any doubts or questions regarding your remaining points please contact customer service. Please note that the company will make the final decision regarding any issues regarding points and the user agrees to follow such decisions.