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We are closed on days marked in red. Orders, shipping, and e-mails are processed on/after the next business day.


Q. How do I contact you?
A. Please contact us via the mail form on our Contact Us page. You may also phone us at +81-3-3813-5851 (Mon-Fri 12:00PM - 5:00PM JST, except holidays). We speak English.
Q. I'm going to be in Japan. Do you have a store I can visit?
A. AmiAmi has opened a physical retail store in Akihabara, Tokyo. However, please note that our physical store and our online store are two different entities.
Orders placed at our online store cannot be picked up at our Akihabara store.
Our online store can currently ship to hotels and any residential or work address in Japan.

*Please be advised that we cannot ship to forwarding centers.
Q. Do you offer wholesale or drop shipments?
A. Sorry, we do not provide wholesale or drop shipment services, nor can we provide additional discounts or free shipping for large orders.
Q. I can't log into my account!
A. Please use the Password Reminder page if you have forgotten your password, or contact us if you are unable to log into your account. Please do not create a new account unless instructed to do so by our staff. Duplicate accounts will be closed without notification.
Q. Can I have more than one account?
A. AmiAmi has a strict multi-account policy and we do not allow customers to have more than one account. Furthermore, no account may share the same information with any other account. If you have family members or friends living in the same household who would like to shop at AmiAmi, please place all orders using one account. Any accounts determined to be a duplicate will be suspended and the account holder will be notified. Repeated attempts to create multiple accounts to bypass order limits, etc. may result in cancellation of all orders and/or permanent account suspension.
Q. I placed an order but haven't received any notification.
A. An order acknowledgment is automatically sent to the e-mail address registered on the account after an order is placed. If you have not received any such notification, please check your Spam folder. In some cases e-mails from the domain are blocked. Please check with your e-mail provider to make sure you can receive e-mails from our domain. We have confirmed that the following services currently have trouble receiving e-mail from AmiAmi:

If you are using e-mail service from any of those providers, please use a different address when registering with AmiAmi. Free e-mail services such as those provided by MSN (Hotmail, MSN, Live), Yahoo!, Gmail, and AOL are usually able to receive our e-mails. Gmail generally has the least problems with automated store mails.

There are also some instances where your order simply did not go through due to server congestion, a poor connection, or other technical problems. If you are unsure if your order was accepted, please check your order history on the My Account page.
Q. I want an item that I don't see on your website. Can you get it for me?
A. Unfortunately we are unable to take special requests for items. Only items found on our website are available for purchase. We are unable to offer items that are exclusive to other stores.
Q. A new item was just announced. Will/When will you offer it for pre-order/sale?
A. Information on new or upcoming releases are added to our website as soon as we are able to, and as such we generally do not know what products we will or will not be able to carry until the day they go up on our site. Because of this we are usually unable to say for sure if or when we will be able to carry a particular item that has not yet been officially announced to stores by its manufacturer. Please keep in mind that we are unable to offer items that are exclusive to other stores.
Q. I'd like to add an item to my order. Can you add it for me?
A. Unfortunately we are unable to directly add items to orders. If you would like to add eligible items to your order, please place a new order for the additional items/quantities you would like and combine the new order with your current order. Please be advised that paid orders cannot be modified.

Please understand that we cannot accept any requests for orders of sold out items.
Q. There is now a version of the item I ordered with an AmiAmi exclusive bonus. Can I switch to that version?
A. Yes. Please contact us with your order ID number and the item code of the item you would like upgraded. We are able to upgrade items only if the version with the AmiAmi exclusive bonus is currently available. Please do not place a new order for the AmiAmi version, and keep in mind that we cannot downgrade items or switch items between editions (eg. regular edition to limited edition or vice versa).
Q. Can you cancel my order/part of my order?
A. AmiAmi normally does not accept cancellations, but please notify us as soon as possible if you absolutely need to cancel your order or part of your order. Depending on the items/orders/your purchase status we might be able to assist; however, please be advised that the cancellations will remain in your account history and will affect your account/purchase status.
Q. An item in my order is now listed as sold out! Will I receive the item?
A. Stock for your order has already been secured if you have already placed an order for the item and it has been confirmed. "Sold out" means we are unable to accept new orders for the item.
Q. Why is this pre-order item marked as Sold Out?
A. Items are marked as Sold Out if we are unable to accept new orders for that item. We are unfortunately unable to accept orders in excess of the quantity our store expects to receive. Once all available pre-order slots are filled, the item will be marked as Sold Out and we will not be able to accept new orders for it.

We do not know if or when such items may become available again and unfortunately cannot respond to such inquiries.
Q. There's an item I want but it's sold out. Can you let me know when it's back in stock?
A. We cannot take any further orders for items that are sold out and unfortunately if or when we can get more stocks is unknown. There is no "wait list" system for sold out items, nor can we send notifications or answer any questions regarding restocks. If we are able to get more stocks of an item, our website will be updated and the item will be available for purchase.

Please keep an eye out for any updates on our website. You can also add Sold Out items to your Watch List and monitor their status from there.
Please understand that we cannot add items to an order in the event that a sold out item is canceled by another customer.
Q. The product page for an item I ordered is now gone. Has it been canceled?
A. We will sometimes remove the product page for items that we can no longer accept new orders for, such as initial releases for items with a re-release available, and items that are limited in supply such as game-prize or pre-owned items. Your order is still valid if the item is still listed on your order. Please do not place a new order for the item.
Q. What is a Back-order?
A. Back-order items are items that are not currently in stock at our warehouse but can be requested from our distributors. Once a back-order is placed, we will check with our distributors to see if we can receive that item in stock. This process can take up to 2 weeks to complete and availability is not guaranteed. Please note that combining back-ordered items with in-stock items will delay your in-stock order's shipment, and in some cases we may separate such combinations.

Items marked as Sold Out are unable to be back-ordered. Only items marked as "back-order" are eligible to be back-ordered.
Q. What is a Provisional Pre-order?
A. Items whose prices are subject to change or whose stock levels are subject to change may be marked as "Provisional pre-order." These items can be ordered as normal and customers will be notified in the event of a price change or change in availability for their order.
Q. What is a Tentative Pre-order?
A. Pre-order items whose availability is still uncertain may be marked as "Tentative pre-order." These items are generally produced in limited quantities and as such require additional confirmation with regards to availability. We will inform customers as soon as possible to confirm whether or not we are able to procure stock of these items for their order.
Q. Can I receive a discount if I order x amount?
A. At AmiAmi we do our best to offer the lowest possible prices for our items. As such, we are unfortunately unable to offer additional discounts for large orders, etc.
Q. I want more quantities than the max limit for this item. Can I place more than one order?
A. Order limits at AmiAmi are cumulative, and they are determined on a per-customer/household basis (including past orders), not a per-order basis. Order limits for an item may not be exceeded under any circumstances, regardless of the number of orders placed, and any orders found to be exceeding those limits will be canceled. Creating multiple accounts to bypass these limits is also not allowed, and continued violation may result in disciplinary action.
Q. I don't want my order anymore but someone else does. Can I give them my order?
A. Orders may not be transferred. Any attempts to do so may result in all orders being canceled and/or permanent account closure of all involved accounts.
Q. Why was my order canceled?
A. There are several possible reasons for your order being canceled:
1. Our e-mails did not reach you.
Please make sure you have provided us with a valid e-mail address and that you can receive mails from our domain ( without being blocked by your ISP / spam checker / e-mail application.
Smooth e-mail exchanges are essential to complete your transaction.

2. We asked you to do something to finalize your order but didn't get any reply.
For example, if your name or shipping address was displayed in garbled characters on our side, or when we think you might have accidentally double-ordered (receiving two identical orders overnight), we will e-mail you to confirm before proceeding with your order. If no reply is received from you after a certain period, we usually choose to cancel the entire order.

3. There is an unsettled case with your previous order.
We cannot accept orders from customers with outstanding problems on previous orders. You will be able to order again once the problem has been resolved.

4. The product's release itself has been canceled, or we experienced a sudden supply shortage due to problems on the manufacturer's or distributor's side.
If this occurs, we sincerely apologize and appreciate your patience and understanding on the matter.

5. Your order has been determined to exceed store purchase limits.
In order to protect our customers and make sure that all customers have a fair chance to purchase the items they want, Order Limits are placed for some high-demand items. If it is determined that an account has ordered items beyond the stated purchase limits, any items exceeding the purchase limit will be canceled and the account holder will be notified. Customers repeatedly exceeding purchase limits may have their account suspended and any open orders canceled. Please be advised that shipped items also count towards the purchase limit.

6. You ordered an item that cannot be shipped outside Japan.
Flammable items, such as paints, thinners and spray cans cannot be shipped via airmail, and therefore cannot be shipped internationally. Certain items in our store, including but not limited to furniture and model firearms cannot be shipped internationally. Any items ineligible for international shipment will be canceled from an order.

7. You chose a payment method not available for your country.
Not all payment methods are available for all countries. Please make sure the payment method you have selected is available for your country.

8. We are unable to accept orders from you.
We are unable to accept new orders from customers whose account has been closed.
Q. Where do you get your pre-owned items?
A. Pre-owned items are sold to our store via our buyback program.
Q. How do I know if an item is pre-owned or new?
A. Pre-owned items are clearly marked as such in the product title with its condition rating. They will also include "-R" and some numbers at the end of their item code.
Q. Can I get a photo of the actual item?
A. Because we do not have items in our office, we are unfortunately unable to provide photos or additional descriptions of pre-owned items. Any major damages or missing parts will be clearly noted on the product page.
Q. Why was this item given a certain condition rating?
A. We are unfortunately unable to provide explanations for why an item received a certain rating. We do our best to accurately rate each item and any major damages or missing parts will be clearly noted on the product page.
Q. What are the chances of receiving a bootleg item?
A. Our trained pre-owned items staff check for authenticity of all items. We will not accept or sell any items deemed to be illegitimate.
Q. Why is the price of a pre-owned item more/less than a new item?
A. Items are priced according to the market value of the item. In some cases the value may be higher or lower than the original price of the item.
Q. Can I change my ordered item to one with a different rating?
A. We are unfortunately unable to switch items in an order and do not accept cancellations.
Q. I have some items I'd like to sell to you. Can you give me more details?
A. Unfortunately our buyback program is only available to customers within Japan.
Q. What are AmiAmi Points?
A. AmiAmi Points are points rewarded for purchases at AmiAmi. The amount and rate of points earned may differ by item.
Q. How can I use my AmiAmi Points?
A. 1 AmiAmi point may be redeemed for 1 Japanese Yen. Accumulated points may be redeemed when submitting payment for purchases. Points are not applied when placing new orders, except for orders whose shipping method is Domestic.
Q. When are AmiAmi Points applied to my account? Do they expire?
A. Points will be applied to customer accounts approximately 17 days after shipment of the corresponding order, and are valid for one year from the date of the last order shipment. Placing a new order will extend the expiration date of your point total an additional year.

*Please refer to the "Point Terms" page for further details.
Q. What is a Watch List?
A. The Watch List is a feature you can use to make a list of items of interest. For example, you may use it to keep track of items they would like to purchase at a later time. However, please keep in mind that adding an item to your Watch List does not add the item to your shopping cart, nor does it guarantee you stock of that item. The Watch List is only a handy feature that can be used to keep track of selected items. No notifications will be sent in the event an item comes back in stock.
Q. How do I add items to my Watch List?
A. You can add items to your Watch List by clicking the "Add to Watch List" button on the item page. You may then be redirected to the Log In confirmation page if you are not currently logged in. You must be logged in to use the Watch List.
Q. How can I check my Watch List?
A. You can check your Watch List by clicking the "Watch List" button shown on the right side of the "Cart" button on the top page. You can also check it from My Account by clicking on "Watch List".
Q. How can I remove items from my Watch List?
A. You can remove items by going to your Watch List and simply clicking on the "Delete" button shown on the column of the item you would like to cancel. Please understand that items which are no longer listed on our site may be removed from your Watch List automatically without notice.
Q. I want to order an item from my Watch List.
A. You can purchase the item by entering your Watch List screen and clicking on the "Add to Cart" button shown on the column of the item you would like to purchase. Items whose current stock/sale status precludes ordering (Sold Out items, for example) cannot be added to your cart. Once the ordering steps have been completed, the item will be automatically removed from your Watch List.
Q. I'm having trouble viewing my watch list.
A. If you are having difficulty viewing your watch list, please try clearing your browser's cache and trying again.
Q. What payment methods are available?
A. AmiAmi accepts payments by PayPal, credit card, and cash on delivery (COD).
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, and Diners Club for credit card payments.
* Credit card payment is not available for Peru, Vietnam, or Ukraine. Please select PayPal if you are in these countries.
* Regarding Credit Card Payments:
Due to a rise in fraudulent credit card payments worldwide, we may be required to ask customers to pay via PayPal in some instances.
For new customers, we may also ask that your first payment be made via PayPal for safety reasons. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your kind understanding on this matter.

Cash on Delivery is only available for shipments within Japan with the exception of hotel addresses.
Q. Can I send payment to you in my local currency?
A. Unfortunately AmiAmi can only accept payments in Japanese Yen. Your payment will be returned if sent in any other currency. When sending payment through our website, PayPal or your bank will automatically convert your payment into Japanese Yen.

Prices can be estimated in your local currency using websites such as XE or Yahoo! Finance. Please keep in mind however that we are only able to accept payments in Japanese Yen.
Q. When do you charge my order?
A. Orders are generally invoiced when all items in an order are available and ready to be shipped. Pre-order items are not invoiced until they have been released and all items in their order are available. However, in an effort to smoothly and quickly ship high-demand items, we may request payment up to 2 weeks before release for certain items.

* Some high-priced orders/items may require pre-payment by PayPal.
Q. I haven't sent a payment. Why was there a charge on my credit card?
A. When registering new credit cards on our website or when submitting payment for orders, our credit card system will perform checks with your card's issuer to verify the validity of the card. How cards are verified varies by card issuer and in some cases temporary charges may be placed on the card. Unfortunately neither our store nor our credit processing company have any control over how your bank verifies your card, including the amount of any temporary charges. Please contact your credit card issuer for more information.
Q. Why do I keep getting an error when I try to register/use my credit card?
A. Credit cards at our store are processed through a third-party company and unfortunately we are unable to provide assistance if your card cannot be registered or used on our website. Please kindly consider submitting your credit card payment through PayPal instead if you continue receiving errors.
Q. Do you accept debit cards?
A. Customers may use their debit card if they are able to register it on our website. Please be advised that we do not recommend using debit cards for payment however as the way some cards are verified or charged may cause overdrafting if there are insufficient funds.

* Please understand that AmiAmi cannot be held responsible for any fees incurred when using debit cards on our website.
Q. Why was my payment method changed?
A. Our store reserves the right to change an order's payment method at our discretion. In some cases the chosen payment method may not be available for certain items in your order. We may also request that new customers submit payment by PayPal for safety reasons.
Q. Can I pay for half my order now and the other half later? Can I pay for the item first and shipping later?
A. We are unable to accept partial or split payments. All payments are due in full within 7 days of payment request.
Q. I'm having trouble with my account. Can I have a friend pay for my order? Can I pay for my friend's order?
A. Please submit payment for your orders using your own payment information. If we discover payments originating from other individuals, the accounts may be determined to be duplicates and both accounts closed without warning.
Q. My order isn't showing up on the "Orders awaiting payment" page.
A. Please try checking the Unshipped Orders link on your order history page.
Q. The item I ordered is marked as released on your website but I haven't received an invoice.
A. Please keep in mind that invoices are sent after all items in an order have been released and are ready to be shipped. If your order contains a mix of pre-order and in-stock items, the order will be invoiced after the pre-order item has been released. While we do our best to send invoices out as quickly as possible, please understand that it may take some time for invoices of all orders that are ready to be sent.
Q. I'm transferring funds from my bank account to PayPal but it won't go through until after the payment deadline. What can I do?
A. Please understand that we cannot extend payment deadlines for any reasons. Instead of transferring funds from your bank to your PayPal account, we suggest sending an eCheck instead which would directly transfer funds from your bank account to our PayPal account. Please contact us if you would like to send an eCheck for your order.
Q. Can you extend my payment deadline?
A. All orders must be paid for within 7 days after payment request. We kindly ask that all customers pay for their order within the stated payment period. Please note that any orders that have gone past the stated 7-day payment period will be canceled and any items contained within will be ineligible to be re-ordered at our store.
Q. How do you handle and protect my credit card information?
A. All credit card transactions are handled by a reliable third-party credit card payment agency. Your credit card information is never transmitted to AmiAmi and therefore there is no possibility of your credit card information being stolen from our site or servers.

In order to protect cardholders from fraudulent charges, we may request payment via PayPal depending on order amount and/or customer order history, even if credit card is selected as the payment method.
Q. I want to send an eCheck but I don't see it as an option.
A. Please contact us if you would like to send an eCheck as payment for your order.
Q. I sent an eCheck and it won't clear until after the payment deadline. Will my order be canceled?
A. As long as the eCheck was initiated before the payment deadline, we will wait until it clears. However, your order will be canceled if the eCheck fails to clear.
Q. I'm having trouble with my PayPal account! What can I do?
A. We are unfortunately unable to provide support for PayPal or its services. Please contact PayPal to resolve any problems. Payment deadlines may not be extended due to PayPal or banking problems. If you would like to change to payment by Credit Card, please do so through your My Account page.
Q. What is 3D Secure?
A. 3D Secure is an added layer of security for online credit card payments. Customers who have set a 3D Secure password will be asked to enter their password when authorizing direct credit cards payment at our store.
Q. I received a confirmation from Alipay/UnionPay of my successful payment but AmiAmi told me it was not accepted, what can I do?
A. In case your first payment fails, our Store will reinvoice the order via Paypal.
If you however, have received the confirmation from Alipay and UnionPay that your payment was successful, kindly contact our support providing your order number and a screenshot of your transaction.
Q. Do you ship to my country?
A. We ship worldwide. Please note however that some items such as flammables, items that include lithium-ion/rechargeable batteries (eg. handheld game consoles), etc. may not be eligible for international shipment due to mailing restrictions set forth by Japan Post.
Q. What shipping methods do you offer?
A. We offer shipment by EMS, DHL, Air Small Packet and SAL. Local courier (Sagawa Express, Yamato or Japan Post*) is used for domestic deliveries. We unfortunately do not offer any other services at this time.

*NOTE: The local courier type cannot be specified by the customer.
Q. What is the shipping cost for this item? Can I change my shipping method or address?
A. We are able to provide shipping estimates for any in-stock item. Please contact us with the item code. Unfortunately we are not able to give estimates for any pre-order items because their final weights and sizes have not yet been determined, and we can only provide shipping estimates for up to 3-4 items together.

If you would like to change the shipping method or address for your order, please do so through the Update shipping info/payment method link on your My Account page.
Q. I wrote my shipping address incorrectly! What can I do?
A. If your order has not yet been paid for or shipped, please correct the error through your My Account page and make sure you receive a confirmation of the changes. The address of orders that have been shipped or are in the process of being shipped cannot be modified. Please always double-check the shipping address before submitting payment for your order.

If a package is returned to us due to an incorrect shipping address, we will request the customer cover shipping charges for re-delivery. Please note that the address update function on our web site does not affect previously placed orders. Only future orders reflect the changes. If you have moved or require an address change for previously placed orders, please update the address through your My Account page before sending payment. Shipping updates generally can not be made after an order is paid for.
Q. Can you combine/split my orders?
A. New orders may be combined with existing orders during checkout by selecting the appropriate setting from the dropdown menu.
If you require combined/split shipping for existing orders, please contact us with the relevant order ID numbers and your instructions.

Please be advised that only the following types of orders may be combined:

In-stock items + In-stock items
In-stock items + Pre-order items scheduled to be released the current month
Pre-order items scheduled to be released the same month
Orders whose payments are not past due

We cannot ship together items released in different months. Please understand that some items may not be combined even though they meet the above guidelines due to size/weight restrictions, etc.

For combined order purposes, back-order items are treated in the same manner as in-stock items. Combining orders of in-stock items will not extend your payment deadline. Payment is due within 7 days of your first invoice.

*Our system may allow ineligible items to be combined at the beginning of the month or if an item's release is delayed. Even so, please do not combine such items/orders. We will automatically separate delayed items. Orders in different months that are deliberately combined will be separated between pre-order and in-stock items, and the in-stock order will be marked as past due for payment.
Q. An item in my order was delayed. Can you re-combine it with my original order and ship them together?
A. Unfortunately some items that have been delayed may no longer be eligible to be shipped with its original order.
Q. I only want the bonus included with this item. Can you send me just the bonus item?
A. We are unfortunately unable to open items in our warehouse or ship only parts of an item.
Q. I selected Air/SAL Small Packet for my order. Why was it changed to EMS/SAL Parcel?
A. Air/SAL Small Packet shipments are restricted to 2 kg in weight and 90 cm in size. We may change your shipping method to EMS or SAL Parcel if your order exceeds these limits, or if the shipping service you have chosen is not available to your country. Some countries have size limitations for SAL shipments that prevent us from using some of our larger boxes. For large shipments to these countries, EMS may be the only available shipping method.

*Please note that our store reserves the right to update an order's shipping method at our discretion.
Q. Can you mark my package as "Gift" and/or write a lower value?
A. While we sympathize with customers who are required to pay customs taxes on shipments, it is against Japanese law for us to mark items as "Gift" or write lower values for items and we are therefore unable to comply with any requests to do so. If your country imposes taxes on shipments, please keep that in mind when placing your order.
Q. Why was I asked to pay extra to receive my parcel?
A. Some countries may require customers to pay import fees in order to receive their orders. These fees are paid to your local government and our store unfortunately has no control over them. Please consider any import fees you may be obligated to pay before placing an order at our store. Our store is unable to undervalue shipments or mark them as "Gift" to avoid customs fees.
Q. My parcel was opened by customs. What can I do?
A. Some countries may require that parcels be opened during customs inspections. Unfortunately there is nothing our store can do to prevent this and we cannot be held responsible for actions by customs officials. Please be advised that we cannot provide compensation or exchanges for any items lost, seized, or damaged during customs inspections.
Q. Help! My parcel was returned back to you!
A. Parcels may be returned because they remained unclaimed, the wrong address was specified, etc. We will automatically contact customers whose parcels have been returned to our warehouse to arrange reshipment. Items will be re-shipped in the same condition as they are returned to our store.
Q. My order is taking an extremely long time to arrive. What can I do?
A. If you feel your order is taking too long to reach you (over 4 weeks for EMS, or 8 weeks for Air and SAL), please have your parcel's tracking/delivery confirmation number ready and make an inquiry at your local post office about its delivery status. Your parcel may be waiting at the post office undelivered or may be in customs at the port of entry. EMS/Registered shipments cannot be delivered until a signature is obtained from the recipient. Unregistered shipments, however, can be left outside. Please look for an Undeliverable Shipment notice in your mail box. The notice should tell you where and until when you can pick up your package. If the post office was unable to deliver the package due to some fault of the customer (wrong address/undeliverable package) and was returned to us, we will request additional postage for re-delivery.

Please note that SAL shipments are sent via surface mail once inside their destination country. If you live in a large country (notably the U.S., Canada, Australia, Brazil, Russia and Mexico), SAL packages may take several days/weeks to be transported within their destination country.

If you feel you have waited long enough but your parcel still cannot be located, please contact us first instead of opening PayPal disputes or filing chargebacks with your credit card company. We will do our best to resolve any problems that may arise, but PayPal disputes and chargebacks will slow down our process for a prompt and amicable settlement.
Q. Can you gift wrap my items or add a special message to my order?
A. Unfortunately AmiAmi cannot accept any requests for gift wrapping, special messages or other requests regarding shipping composition.
Q. The website says my order was shipped but I never received a shipping notification.
A. Shipping notification mails are not immediately sent upon shipment of an order but are generally sent within 24 hours. If you are still unable to locate our shipping notification mail after checking your spam/junk folder, please make sure your ISP and spam filters are not blocking e-mails from our We can provide your parcel's date of shipment and/or tracking number via e-mail upon request, but please understand that no tracking numbers are available for unregistered shipments.
Q. My package looks like it's been damaged. What should I do?
A. If any damage occurs during shipment, we will need your cooperation to make a claim with your local post office.

PLEASE -- If you think something may be wrong with your parcel: 1. Take pictures before opening, and 2. Open it with a post office representative present, if possible. If the item inside was broken, please file a damage report with your local post office and they should be able to resolve the problem. Please note that we are unable to provide refunds/replacements for uninsured items damaged during shipment. For this reason, we highly recommend choosing EMS or Registered SAL for your shipping method.

For EMS shipments, if your order has been damaged during shipment, please file a damage report with your local post office. Once you have signed the applicable document and received a copy, please forward a scan of it to us. We will then be able to file for insurance compensation with Japan Post.

For Registered SAL Small Packet / Air Small Packet / Parcel Post shipments, all insurance compensation is handled by the recipient's post office. We ask that you please contact your local post office or postmaster and file the necessary forms for insurance compensations with your postal agent.

No insurance coverage is available for unregistered shipments and as such, neither AmiAmi, Japan Post, nor your local post office can provide any service/compensation for damage during shipment. Please keep this in mind when purchasing high value or fragile items.
Q. The image on your website is different than the item I received!
A. Because we often list our merchandise before the final products are released, most photos shown in our catalog are of prototypes or samples provided by the manufacturer. There may be some inconsistencies between the prototypes and the ones actually marketed for mass-production. Additionally, some products have sections that need hand painting at the factory, which may also cause individual differences. These are not considered manufacturer's defects. Occasionally you may notice small imperfections in paint or parts on your item. These are naturally occurring inconsistencies caused by the mass-production process and are not considered defects.
Q. An item/part of an item in my order arrived missing/broken!
A. Please contact us as soon as possible and include clear, close-up photos of the defective parts along with a detailed explanation.
Please make sure to keep your paper invoice and shipping label and include them in the photos together with the defective item.
We will get back to you as soon as possible with a solution. Please understand that it may take us a few days to respond to your claim as we will need to consult with management. We cannot provide resolution to any claims if the photo received does not include the shipping label or the invoice.

Please note that we are unable to accept responsibility for damages limited to a product's outer packaging.
Q. I accidentally broke my item. Can you help me get replacement parts?
A. We are unfortunately unable to provide service for items damaged by customers, nor can we act as a middle-man between customers and manufacturers for replacement parts. Please note that manufacturers can not provide support for international customers.
Q. Is it possible to have ordering privileges revoked or my account suspended?
A. Yes. While this is an absolute last resort in cases where we receive a large number of cancellations (either by customer request or due to non-payment) from a customer, we will first send several reminder notices and warnings in regards to our store's ordering policies. If the situation does not improve, we will be left with no other recourse but to close that account and will be unable to accept any further orders. Please note that other violations of our store policies, such as our purchase limit or multi-account policy, may also lead to account closure.
Shipping: EMS, Small Packet, SAL Parcel, Registered Mail , Sagawa Express
Currency: XE , Yahoo! Finance

Updated Date : Jun. 21. 2017