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We are closed on days marked in red. Orders, shipping, and e-mails are processed on/after the next business day.



Q. How do I contact you?
Q. I'm going to be in Japan. Do you have a store I can visit?
Q. Do you offer wholesale or drop shipments?
Q. I can't log into my account.
Q. Can I have more than one account?
Q. Can AmiAmi close a customer’s account?
Q. Can I ask to have my account closed?

Q. What is a Back-order?
Q. What is a Provisional Pre-order?
Q. What is a Tentative Pre-order?
Q. Why is this pre-order item marked as "Pre-orders Closed"?
Q. Can you let me know when an item I want is back in stock?
Q. I want an item that I don't see on your website. Can you get it for me?
Q. Will/When will you offer newly announced items for pre-order/sale?

Q. Where do you get your pre-owned items?
Q. How do I know if an item is pre-owned or new?
Q. Can I get a photo/additional description of the actual item?
Q. Why was this item given a certain condition rating?
Q. What are the chances of receiving a bootleg item?
Q. Why is the price of a pre-owned item more/less than a new item?
Q. Can I change the item I ordered to the same item with a different rating?
Q. Can I sell my items to you?

Q. What are AmiAmi Points?
Q. How can I use my AmiAmi Points?
Q. When are AmiAmi Points applied to my account? Do they expire?

Q. What is a Watch List?
Q. How do I add items to my Watch List?
Q. How can I check my Watch List?
Q. How can I remove items from my Watch List?
Q. How can I order an item from my Watch List?
Q. I'm having trouble viewing my Watch List.

Q. Can I combine/split my orders?
Q. Can you re-combine the delayed item with my original order and ship them together?
Q. Can you cancel my order/part of my order?
Q. Why am I not receiving any notification emails?
Q. Can you add an item to my order for me?
Q. There is now a version of the item I ordered with an AmiAmi exclusive bonus. Can I switch to that version?
Q. An item I ordered is now listed as "Unavailable"/"Pre-orders Closed"/"Orders Closed". Is my order valid?
Q. The product page for an item I ordered is now gone. Is my order canceled?
Q. Can I receive a discount if I order x amount?
Q. I want to purchase more than the Purchase Limit. Can I place more orders?
Q. Can I give my order to another person?
Q. Why was my order canceled?

Q. What payment methods are available?
Q. Can I send payment to you in my local currency?
Q. When do you charge my order?
Q. I haven't sent a payment. Why was there a charge on my credit card?
Q. Why do I keep getting an error when I try to register/use my credit card?
Q. Do you accept debit cards?
Q. Why was my payment method changed?
Q. Can I pay for half my order now and the other half later? Can I pay for the item first and shipping later?
Q. I'm having trouble with my account. Can I have a friend pay for my order? Can I pay for my friend's order?
Q. My order isn't showing up on the "Orders Awaiting Payment" page.
Q. The item I ordered is marked as released on your website but I haven't received an invoice.
Q. I'm transferring funds from my bank account to PayPal but it won't go through until after the payment deadline. What can I do?
Q. Can you extend my payment deadline?
Q. How do you handle and protect my credit card information?
Q. I want to send an eCheck but I don't see it as an option.
Q. I sent an eCheck and it won't clear until after the payment deadline. Will my order be canceled?
Q. I'm having trouble with my PayPal account! What can I do?
Q. What is 3D Secure?
Q. I received a confirmation from Alipay/UnionPay of my successful payment but AmiAmi told me it was not accepted. What can I do?

Q. Do you ship to my country?
Q. What shipping methods do you offer?
Q. What is the shipping cost for this item? Can I change my shipping method or address?
Q. I wrote my shipping address incorrectly! What can I do?
Q. Can you sell/send me just the bonus item?
Q. I selected Air/SAL Small Packet for my order. Why was it changed to EMS/DHL/SAL Parcel?
Q. Can you mark my package as "Gift" and/or write a lower value?
Q. Do you offer gift wrapping/message card services?
Q. The website says my order was shipped but I never received a shipping notification.

Q. Why was I asked to pay extra to receive my package?
Q. My package was opened by customs. What can I do?
Q. My package was returned back to you. What can I do?
Q. My order is taking an extremely long time to arrive. What can I do?
Q. My package looks like it's been damaged. What should I do?
Q. The image on your website is different than the item I received!
Q. An item/part of an item in my order arrived missing/broken!
Q. I accidentally broke my item. Can you help me get replacement parts?

Shipping: EMS, DHL, Small Packet, SAL Parcel, Registered Mail, Sagawa Express, Japan Post (domestic, international)
Currency: XE , Yahoo! Finance
Tracking Within Japan: Sagawa Express, Japan Post, Yamato
International Tracking: Japan Post, DHL

Updated Date : Jul. 20. 2017