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Newly Added Items

30656 Complete Model Toyo Rapid Railway 2000 Series Basic 4Car Formation Set (w/Power Unit)
30657 Complete Model Toyo Rapid Railway 2000 Series Additional Middle Car 6Car Set (w/o Power Unit)
72024 EF58 Big Window Blue/Cream P Model Vinylock Filter
A2484 Odakyu Class 2400, Former Color, Bogie Transferring Test 4Car Set
A3273 Sotetsu, New 6000 Series + Former 6000 Series, A/C Improved 8Car Set
A6084 Hokuso Railway Class 9100, 2nd-Batch, Single Arm Pantograph 8Car Set
PFC-010 JOT Container Bag UR19A
PFC-011 JOT Container Bag UR19A
10-836 KiHa Series 181 7-Car Set
6081 KiHa 181
6082 KiHa 180 (M)
6083 KiHa 1890 (T)
6084 Ki Ro 180
PFC-003 6000 Class Container Storage Box
24-819 Unijoiner (Brown)
24-820 Katajoiner (Brown)
72028 EF58 61-gou Regular Mode
JR Express Train Yearbook 2018 (BOOK)
Europe Railway Travel 2018 (BOOK)
HS-98K HO, 0 Narrow Small Raised Electric Turntable Assembly Kit
0651 Wheel Dia.=5.6mm w/o Gear (Wheels for Traditional Current Collector)
YP-713 21m Class Compatible 16 Train Car Case Silver
Nostalgic Wooden Trains & Locomotives No.2: Train Car 2
Nostalgic Wooden Trains & Locomotives No.3: Train Car 3
Nostalgic Wooden Trains & Locomotives No.4: Passenger Car 1
Nostalgic Wooden Trains & Locomotives No.5: Passenger Car 2
Nostalgic Wooden Trains & Locomotives No.6: Passenger Car 3
Nostalgic Wooden Trains & Locomotives No.7: Locomotive
Nostalgic Wooden Trains & Locomotives No.1: Train Car 1
Building Collection 145 Bus Office Set
176-6105 F40PH Amtrak Phase III #330
176-6106 F40PH Amtrak Phase III #374
176-6107 F40PH Amtrak Phase III #381
30234NC3 EF64-1031 Coupler Set
3023-4E3 EF64-1031 Headmark
3023-6G EF64-1032 Light Unit
4595-1G KuMoHa 101 Light Unit
4302-2E1 E351 Series Super Azusa Sticker
101342E3 E351 Series Super Azuki Headmark
4180-AG KuHa 651 Light Unit (Bulb Color)
4302-1G KuHa E351-105 Light Unit
4304-1D1 MoHa E350 Azusa Power Bogie
72025 EF58 Big Window Tsuraragiri Blue/Cream P Model Vinylock Filter
72027 EF58 61-gou Omeshi Type (JNR Era)
C-1428 UR19A Type Paloma (2pcs)
NC-130 Bicycles (4 Items)
NC-131 Bike Riders (4 Figures)
NC-132 Bicycle Riders (4 Figures)
NC-77 Cultivator
NC-78 Tractor
HO-S19 Toilet Tank (L/R)
C-2505 UC7 Type Seino Kangaroo-bin
C-4102 UF42A Type Runtec
C-3402 U48A Type FL Three Line
C-3106 U47A Type Nippon Express Perikan-bin
C-1412 UR19A Type RICOH (w/Eco Rail Logo)
C-2506 U30A Type Seino Kangaroo Old Color
C-4414 U48A-38000 Type SuperGreenShuttLeLiner Nippon Express
C-4415 U48A-38000 Type SuperGreenShuttLeLiner Zenkoku Tsuun
C-4503 U52A Type Wing Sekisui House (Senko)
JC52 Tight Lock Type Automatic TN Coupler (Gray)
PH-101 Cover for Train
PZ6188 Underfloor Parts (A/B Gray)
JC6324 Tight Lock TN Coupler (SP, Gray w/Electric Coupler 1 Step)
JC6332 Tight Lock TN Coupler (SP, Gray w/Electrical Coupler)
0719 Head/Taillight Circuit (Always Lit CL/LED)
TM-12R Tetsudou Collection - Motor Unit 19m Class A
ST001-1 Z Shorty E5 Series Shinkansen Hayabusa
ST002-1 Z Shorty KiHa 52
ST003-1 Z Shorty EF66 Electric Locomotive
TW-EF58A JNR EF58 Small Windows Test Color (Dark & Light Green)
TW-EF58B JNR EF58 Small Windows Aodaishou
TW-EF58C JNR EF58 Small Windows Blue Train Color (Gray Lower Side)
TW-EF58D JNR EF58 Small Windows Blue Train Color (Black Lower Side)
TW-EF58E JNR EF58 Small Windows Front Guard Color (New Standard Color)
SA001-1 Z Shorty Power Chassis Normal Type
SA002-1 Z Shorty Power Chassis Shinkansen Type
SA003-1 Z Shorty Trailer Chassis Normal Type
SA004-1 Z Shorty Trailer Chassis Shinkansen Type
SA005 Z Shorty Re-railer
R081 Z Shorty Oval Set Rail Set G
8712 TaKi 1000 (JOT, Beitan)
HO-053 JR E231-500 Series Commuter Train (Yamonote Line) Basic Set (4 Cars)
HO-9006 JR E231 0 Series Commuter Train (Joban, Narita Line) Basic Set (4 Cars)
HO-264 JR Train SaHa E231 0 Class (Joban, Narita Line)
0246 Pantograph PT-7113-D Class
0258 Pantograph PT4811N
Tetsudou Collection - Nishi-Nippon Railroad Class 8000 6Car Set
10-1342 E351 Series
10-1463 HB-E300 Series
Tetsudou Collection - Hiroshima Electric Railway Class 3000 No.3002
98981 [Limited Item] JR 485 Series Express Train (Hatsukari Commemorative Kaikyo Line Inauguration) (10Car)
The Bus Collection - BusColle de Ikou Part.6 Tomotetsudou Tomo Line
1/150 The Car Collection Basic Set F5
Tetsudou Collection - Seibu Railway 2000 Series (2011 Formation) 6Car Set
Tetsudou Collection - Seibu Railway 2000 Series (2405 Formation) 2Car Set
Tetsudou Collection - Fukui Railway Class F1000 F1002 FUKURAM
Tetsudou Collection - Hiroshima Electric Railway Class 3000 No.3008
Tetsudou Collection - Keikyu New Class 1000 1809 Formation 4Car Set
Tetsudou Collection - Nankai 2200 Series 2230 Type 2Car Set


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