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Newly Added Items

Namennayo Card Collection Part.2 Ate 20Pack 10Bundle
Ensemble Stars! - Metallic Plate 12Pack BOX
Yotsuba&! omamori DANBOARD 8Pack BOX
Toy'sworks Collection Niiten-gomu! Umbrella Charm - Free! Eternal Summer 8Pack BOX
Yowamushi Pedal GRANDE ROAD - MochiMochi Mascot vol.1 9Pack BOX
The Satsutaba Kyuukyoku no Okumanchouja! Hen 20Pack BOX (CANDY TOY)
Classroom Crisis - Trading Acrylic Charm 8Pack BOX
Haikyuu!! - Deco Sticker Part.2 w/Gum 20Pack BOX (CANDY TOY)
Digimon Adventure Series - Chara Pos Collection 8Pack BOX
D4 Touken Ranbu Online - Rubber Strap Collection Vol.4 8Pack BOX
Mobile Suit Gundam - ASSAULT KINGDOM FAZZ Gundam & Mega Rider (CANDY TOY)
Digimon Adventure - DigiColle! DATA3 8Pack BOX
Ensemble Stars! - Nokkari Rubber Clip vol.2 9Pack BOX
Ao no Kanta no Four Rhythm - Trading Rubber Strap 12Pack BOX
Fate/stay night [UBW] - Trading Zipper Mascot 12Pack BOX
Koedarize - Haikyuu!! vol.2 6Pack BOX
Koedarize R Rubber Strap Collection - Shironeko Project 8Pack BOX
Yowamushi Pedal GRANDE ROAD - Acrylic Gear Keychain 10Pack BOX
The New Prince of Tennis - Kutsurogi Collection -in SHOPPING- 14Pack BOX
Attack on Titan: Junior High - Acrylic Keychain 11Pack BOX
Dragon Ball Super - Clip Can Badge Gum 20Pack BOX (CANDY TOY)
256tan Monogatari Series Dot Trading Rubber Strap Vol.1 10Pack BOX
256tan Monogatari Series Dot Trading Rubber Strap Vol.2 10Pack BOX
Hetalia The World Twinkle - Trading Mirror Charm 13Pack BOX
TatePos Love Live! Ver.4 12Pack BOX
Haikyuu!! - Visual Shikishi Collection 16Pack BOX
Star Wars: The Force Awakens CHARA-POS COLLECTION 8Pack BOX
Girls und Panzer - LED Keychain 9Pack BOX
PUTITTO Pikachu Plus 12Pack BOX
[Bonus] Osomatsu-san - Trading Rubber Strap Wagashi ver. 7Pack BOX
Osomatsu-san - Trading Matsu Metal Charm 12Pack BOX
Osomatsu-san - Trading Can Badge vol.4 12Pack BOX
Rubber Mascot - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Iggy no Kimyou na Cosplay Tarot Hen DIO-sama to Yukai na Nakama-tachi Hen 6Pack BOX
Toy'sworks Collection Niiten-gomu! - THE IDOLM@STER SideM Vol.1 10Pack BOX
Dance with Devils - Trading Rubber Strap 7Pack BOX
Attack on Titan - Chimi Shingeki Earphone Jack Mascot Part.2 8Pack BOX
Haikyuu!! Second Season - MageMage Mascot 12Pack BOX
Ace of Diamond - Trading Chibi Cut Keychain 14Pack BOX
Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE Revolutions - Picture Bookmark Collection 15Pack BOX
Nendoroid Plus - Rubber Strap: IDOLM@STER 765PRO ALLSTARS Stage A 8Pack BOX
Nendoroid Plus - Rubber Strap: IDOLM@STER 765PRO ALLSTARS Stage B 8Pack BOX
Ensemble Stars! - Decoration Medal 12Pack BOX
Mame Sengoku BASARA 4 - Trading Can Badge Complete BOX
Mame Sengoku BASARA 4 - Trading Rubber Strap 14Pack BOX
Gudetama - Deco Sticker w/Gum 20Pack BOX (CANDY TOY)
The New Prince of Tennis - Toji Colle Acrylic Keychain Vol.1 6Pack BOX
"Prince of Stride" Trading Can Badge Vol.2 Rival Hen Complete BOX
Osomatsu-san - Trading Can Badge Vol.2 12Pack BOX
Love Live! - Acrylic Trading Keyring Ver.2 9Pack BOX
Love Live! - Trading Bookmark Ver.3 20Pack BOX
"ARIA The AVVENIRE" Trading Acrylic Keychain 8Pack BOX
PukuPuku Card Case - "Tales of" Series Dress Up Collection 8Pack BOX
Haikyuu!! - Acrylic Scenes Keychain 8Pack BOX
PriPara - Priticke Millefeui Collection VOL.6 24Pack BOX
Youkai Watch Tomodachi Ukiukipedia Wafers Part.7 20Pack BOX (CANDY TOY)
Rubber Mascot - NARUTO Shippuden Naruto to Konoha no Nakama-tachi dattebayo! 6Pack BOX
Love Live! - Magnet Clip Mogyutto "love" de Sekkin Chuu! ver. 9Pack BOX
Ani-chara Heroes - Haikyuu!! Second Season vol.1 12Pack BOX
CharaToria - Pandora Hearts 6Pack BOX
THE IDOLM@STER MILLION LIVE! - Mini Shikishi Collection 12Pack BOX
THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls - StaKey 14Pack BOX
THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls - Mini Shikishi Collection 14Pack BOX
Heliborne Collection Part.7 10Pack BOX (CANDY TOY)
256tan mini - Nisekoi: Dot Trading Rubber Strap 8Pack BOX
Nisekoi: - Kanban Musume 8Pack BOX
Star-mu - Acrylic Badge Charapre ver. 12Pack BOX
Arslan Senki - Cellphone Cleaner 9Pack BOX
Kurukoro - Fate/Stay night[UBW] 6Pack BOX
Gakusen Toshi Asterisk - Pos x Pos Collection 8Pack BOX
Code: Realize -Sousei no Himegimi- Pos x Pos Collection 8Pack BOX
PUTITTO series - Detective Conan 6Pack BOX
Love Live! - Pos x Pos Collection Vol.3 8Pack BOX
Touken Ranbu Online - Mon Concho Hair Tie Vol.04 6Pack BOX
Shuriken Sentai Ninninger - SG Nin-Shuriken Part.3 4Pack BOX (CANDY TOY)
Macross Frontier - Shikishi ART Memory of Frontier 10Pack BOX (CANDY TOY)
Petit Sample Series - Minna no Ongakushitsu 8Pack (CANDY TOY)
Pom Pom Purin - Pom Pom Cafe 8Pack BOX (CANDY TOY)
Capcom Figure Builder - Monster Hunter Standard Model Plus Vol.4 6Pack BOX
Kamen Rider Ghost - SG Ghost Icon Part.2 8Pack BOX (CANDY TOY)
Disney Tsum Tsum - Mini Okiagari Koboshi Part.2 8Pack BOX
Disney Tsum Tsum - Tsunagaru Strap Part.2 8Pack BOX
Eformed Futonmushi Rubber Clip Collection - Durarara!! x2 Vol.2 6Pack BOX
1/144 Wing Kit Collection vol.15 -WWII Nippon Seaplanes Hen- 10Pack BOX (CANDY TOY)
Sumikko Gurashi - Tsunagaru Rubber Mascot 10Pack BOX (CANDY TOY)
Himouto! Umaru-chan - Trading Renketsu Metal Charm 10Pack BOX
Pokemon Get Collections Candy "Aratanaru Tabidachi Hen" 10Pack BOX (CANDY TOY)
Color Colle - Ensemble Stars! Vol.1 8Pack BOX
Ensemble Stars! - Gold Art Sticker 20Pack BOX
Sailor Moon - Twinkle Dolly Sailor Moon Part.3 10Pack BOX (CANDY TOY)
K RETURN OF KINGS - Mask Case 12Pack BOX
Dragon Ball Mini igure 10Pack BOX (CANDY TOY, Tentative Name)
Dragon Ball Z - Blind Box Charm Charapin 9Pack BOX
Kamen Rider Ghost - Collection Card Gum Part.2 20Pack BOX (CANDY TOY)
Kamen Rider Ghost - Puzzle Gum Part.2 8Pack BOX (CANDY TOY)
Dragon Ball Super - Puzzle Gum Part.2 8Pack BOX (CANDY TOY)


About "AmiAmi English Site"
This website is the English version of Japan's largest internet figure shop, AmiAmi. It is for both domestic English speakers and for international customers. Please note that most products are generally manufactured for the Japanese domestic market, and some items may be strictly for sale and use within Japan. Orders containing items that are unavailable for sale overseas will be automatically canceled and the customer notified.
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You should automatically receive an order acknowledgment mail shortly after placing an order at our store. If you do not receive a mail, please check your spam mail settings and make sure you are able to receive mails from our @amiami.com domain, and contact us using the Contact Us form on our website. Your order may be canceled if we are not able to contact you.
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Shipping Methods
*EMS: 3-7 days delivery. Includes tracking and insurance up to 20,000 JPY. Recommended.
*Air Small Packet: 1-2 weeks delivery. Includes delivery confirmation and limited insurance up to 6,000 JPY. Size/weight restrictions apply.
*SAL Small Packet (Registered): 2-5 weeks delivery. Includes delivery confirmation and limited insurance up to 6,000 JPY.Size/weight restrictions apply.
*SAL Small Packet (Unregistered): 2-5 weeks delivery. No delivery confirmation, no insurance. Size/weight restrictions apply.
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Some rough estimates of EMS fees are as follows:

Small-Size Poseable Figure - appx. 1,500 JPY ~ 2,000 JPY, to North America
1/8 - 1/6 PVC Figure - appx. 2,000 JPY ~ 3,600 JPY, to North America
(Oceania is generally the same price, Asia is appx. 15% less, and Europe/South America are more expensive)

Please see our Payment/Shipping and FAQ for more detailed information.

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