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Sale Items

Bishoujo Figure

Cu-poche - Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Mami Tomoe Posable Figure
Fate Apocrypha Ruler Figure (Collectable Prize)
THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls EXQ Figure -Kaede Takagaki- (Collectable Prize)
Girls und Panzer the Movie Defomecha Chibi Panzer Figure -Final Chapter ver.- All 4Type Set (Collectable Prize)
Love Live! Sunshine!! EXQ Figure -DIA KUROSAWA- (Collectable Prize)
Love Live! Sunshine!! EXQ Figure -MARI OHARA- (Collectable Prize)
Petiture-rise - Girls und Panzer: Yukari, Mako Set Plastic Model
PLAMAX MF-20 minimum factory - The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Lynn Minmay Chinese Dress Ver. 1/20 Plastic Model
Nendoroid - Mahoutsukai no Yoru: Alice Kuonji
PLAMAX MF-19 minimum factory - Crusher Joe: Alfin 1/20 Plastic Model
THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls - Nono Morikubo 1/8 Complete Figure
Fate/EXTELLA - Medusa Miwaku no Bunny Suit ver. 1/8 Complete Figure
Wish Upon the Pleiades Prism Palette - Subaru & Aoi Swimsuit ver. Complete Figure
[Bonus] Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e - Kikyou Kushida Clothes Changing Ver. 1/7 Complete Figure
THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls - Uzuki Shimamura new generations Ver. 1/8 Complete Figure
Cu-poche - Frame Arms Girl: FA Girl Materia White Posable Figure
Cu-poche - Frame Arms Girl: FA Girl Materia Black Posable Figure
Frame Arms Girl Gourai -SESSION GO!!- Complete Figure
Lingerie Style - Movie Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova Cadenza: Kongou 1/8 Complete Figure
Freezing Vibration - Satellizer L. Bridgette ver.Bondage 1/6 Complete Figure

Character Figures

KADO: The Right Answer - Yaha-Kui Zashunina 1/7 Complete Figure
ONE PIECE Q posket petit vol.1 All 3Types Set (Collectable Prize)
Yuri on Ice - Victor Nikiforov 1/8 Complete Figure
Q posket prince Yuri on Ice -Yuri Katsuki- A (Standard Color ver.) (Collectable Prize)
Q posket prince Yuri on Ice -Yuri Katsuki- B (Pearl Color ver.) (Collectable Prize)
ARTFX+ - Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Poe Dameron & BB-8 2Pack The Force Awakens Ver. 1/10 Easy Assembly Kit
ARTFX+ - Reverse-Flash -THE FLASH-
Sofubi Toy Box 002 Yotsuba&! Danboard Sofubi Figure
Sofubi Toy Box 011 Penguin (Humboldt Penguin) Sofubi Figure
Hug and Happy - Winnie the Pooh, Tigger
Dioramansion 150 - Racing Miku Pit 2017 Optional Panel Rd.6 SUZUKA
Diorama Sheet DSDS-F002 Japanese Set A
POP! Disney
POP! Disney
Super Hero Illuminate Gallery Collection 1: Spider-Man Complete Figure
Gigantic Series - Saint Seiya: Sagittarius Aiolos Complete Figure

Foreign Figures

POP! - Marvel Comics: Lockjaw
Marvel Comics - Hasbro Action Figure 6 Inch
POP! - Marvel Comics: Maximus
Star Wars - Black Series 6 Inch Figure: Rey (Island Journey)
Shaun of the Dead - Zombi Ed Premium Motion Statue
Vinimates - Alien Covenant: Xenomorph
Accord Castle Guard - Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Fantasy / Series 2 (Wave 2)


Pure Neemo - PNS Candy Ghost One-piece Dress / Purple x Orange (DOLL ACCESSORY)
48 Lilia / Black Raven Zero -The Original Trigger- Complete Doll
Pure Neemo Wear - Sugar Dream Tote Bag -by MAKI- / Lavender (DOLL ACCESSORY)
Asterisk Collection Series No.013 Attack on Titan - Levi 1/6 Complete Doll
48cm/50cm Doll Wear - AZO2 Lolita Maid Dress Set / Bordeaux (DOLL ACCESSORY)
Isul / Sailor Moon: Helios
Picco Neemo Wear 1/12 Soft Vinyl Sandals / Dark Red x Black (DOLL ACCESSORY)
Pure Neemo Size - PNS ShimaShima T-shirt / Black x White (DOLL ACCESSORY)
Pure Neemo Wear - Komorebimori no Oyoufukuya-san
1/6 Doll Material Parts - Azone Original 5mm Round Button SILVER
1/6 Female Outfit Armed Maid Set (DOLL ACCESSORY)
Posable Body Female (Black) / Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. (4 Inch Figure)
Pure Neemo - PNS Candy Ghost One-piece Dress / Black x Gray (DOLL ACCESSORY)
Picco Neemo Wear 1/12 Long Sleeve Shirt / Navy x White Dot (DOLL ACCESSORY)
momoko DOLL - momoko DOLL Check It Out! Little Sister Complete Doll
Pure Neemo Size - PNXS Over Knee Socks B Set / White, Gray (DOLL ACCESSORY)
KIKIPOP! - Kinoko Planet
1/6 Doll Material Parts - Azone Original 6mm Rose Motif Button BLACK
Pure Neemo Footwear - Hokkori Suede Boots Beige (DOLL ACCESSORY)
1/6 Male Body Plump Body

Gundam Toys

MG 1/100 PLAN303E Deep Striker Plastic Model
Mobile Suit Gundam Goukai MS-06 Zaku
MG 1/100 MS-06R-2 Johnny Ryden Custom Zaku Ver.2.0 Plastic Model
HGUC 1/144 RGM-79C GM Type C Plastic Model
HGBC 1/144 Lightning Back Weapon System Plastic Model
EX Model 1/144 S Gundam Attacker Plastic Model
MG 1/100 Gundam Fenice Rinascita Plastic Model
HGUC 1/144 Type 89 Base Jabber Plastic Model
HGUC 1/144 RB-79 Ball Twin Set Plastic Model
BB Senshi No.297 Stargazer Gundam Plastic Model
MG 1/100 RMS-099 Rick-Dias (Quattro Bajeena Color) Plastic Model
U.C. Hard Graph 1/35 Vol.1 Principality of Zeon Army Mobile Surveilance Set Plastic Model
HGBC 1/144 Galaxy Booster from
MG 1/100 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Plastic Model
HGUC 1/144 Doven Wolf Plastic Model
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED 1/144 Buster Gundam Plastic Model
Gundam Silhouette Formula F91 1/100 Gundam RXF91 Kai Plastic Model
After War Gundam X 1/100 Gundam X Plastic Model
MG 1/100 V2 Gundam Ver.Ka Plastic Model


HMM ZOIDS 1/72 Iron Kong Prozen Knights Plastic Model
Frame Arms 1/100 NSG-12 alpha Kobold:RE Plastic Model
M.S.G Modeling Support Goods - Flying Base Neo
Dynamite Action! No.24EX
Frame Arms 1/100 JX-25F Ji-Dao Plastic Model
Frame Arms 1/100 Extend Arms 04 -SA-16 Stylet Expansion Parts Set- :RE Plastic Model
S.R.G-S - Super Robot Wars OG ORIGINAL GENERATIONS: Raftclans Faunea Plastic Model
Mugen Heroes - Mugen Dragon
Robot Spirits TRI -SIDE SK- Guyale
Pochitto Hatsumei Pikachin-Kit - Pikachin Daihyakka UmeJun Kirameki ver. Plastic Model
Pochitto Hatsumei Pikachin-Kit - 1% Pikachin Custom Craft: UmeJun Kirameki Pack Plastic Model
Pochitto Hatsumei Pikachin-Kit - 1% Pikachin Custom Craft: Pochitto Pirameki Pack Plastic Model
Frame Arms 1/100 Kagetora Plastic Model
Hexa Gear 1/24 Voltrex Plastic Model
Mugen Heroes - Mugen Bison
Transformers Movie RC Sqweeks
Transformers LG51 Targetmaster Doublecross
COMBAT ARMORS MAX 10 1/72 Fang of the Sun Dougram Bromry Eyevan DT2 Plastic Model
1/144 Sendvead Plastic Model from
The Super Dimension Fortress Macross II: Lovers Again - Kahen VF-2SS Valkyrie II with SAP Faerie Squadron Custom Limited Distribution Edition

Tokusatsu Toys

Kamen Rider Build - DX Gorillamond Fullbottle Set
Legend Rider History 13 - Kamen Rider Kabuto Rider Form
Bust Up Statue Series - Gaira from
Power Rangers - Power Morpher WITH Power Coin
Power Rangers - Megazord
Bust Up Statue Series - Sanda from
Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger - Henshin Ju DX Whale Change Gun
Ultra Hero Series 49 - Ultraman Orb Spacium Zeperion
Ultra Seven & Ultraman Zero 50th SPECIAL SET
Kamen Rider Build - Bottle Change Rider Series 06: Kamen Rider Build Lion Cleaner Form
Legend Rider History 12 - Kamen Rider Fourze Base States
Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger - VS Vehicle Series: DX Trigger Machine No.2
Kamen Rider Build - Bottle Change Rider Series 11: Kamen Rider Rogue
Reissued Edition CCP 1/6 Tokusatsu Series VOL.EX Zenmetsu! Ultra 5-kyoudai Set 200pcs Limited Color Ver.
Kamen Rider Build - Bottle Change Rider Series 10: Kamen Rider Grease
Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger - Itadaki Kaitou Lupin Sword
Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger - Kakusei Keibou Patomegabo
Ultraman Geed - DX Ultra Capsule: Ultra Brothers Set
S.H.MonsterArts - Godzilla (2016)


1/700 Kan Colle Plastic Model No.37 Kanmusu Light Aircraft Carrier Taiyo
Chibimaru Military Series No.10 Chibimaru Tiger I (Eastern Front Type) Plastic Model
VOW-01SV Sanskrit Decal / Silver
1/72 F-35B Lightning II
KuraKura Stickers DE1-02
BEEMAX Detail-up Parts No.17 1/24 Toyota Corona ST191 '94 JTCC Type Detail-up Parts
Street Avenue Series 1/32-1/35 Lantern Set B Unpainted Assembly Kit
The Tuned Parts No.43 1/24 8-spoke 14 Inch
1/35 Detail Up Parts KV-1 1942 Type 76mm Barrel (for Trumpeter)
Building Series No.03 1/150 Horyuuji Kondo Plastic Model
Complete Model 1/144 Space Shuttle
1/100 Time Mechabuton 55th Clear Edition Plastic Model
1/72 Nakajima Ki-84-I (Ko) Hayate
T-model 2P Connector (Set of 4 Mesu)
1/72 AV-8B/GR.5/7/9 Harrier Wheel (For H)
1/20 Raptor & Rapoon Decal
1/16 Type 94 Tankette Plastic Model
1/16 Type 94 Tankette Late Renovated Type Plastic Model
1/700 Imperial Japanese Navy Battlecruiser Hiei 1915 Masking Sheet

Car Models

Tomica Limited Vintage LV-166b Toyota Patrol Mobile Phone Car
Tomica Limited Vintage TLV Ogikubo-Damashii Vol.5 Skyline 2000GT
Star Wars Tomica SC-06 Star Wars Star Cars Kylo Ren V8-K
MARVEL T.U.N.E. Evo.3.0 Bullet Shot 2000 Spider-Man
1/18 Lamborghini Countach LP400 (Yellow)
1/43 Honda Civic Type R (EK9) Early Type Custom Version Sunlight Yellow
Tomica No.93 Nissan Leaf (Box)
1/43 Toyota Century 2007 Black
1/43 Nissan Sunny Truck Long (B121) Red
Honda Civic EG6 White
Honda Civic EK9 White
1/18 Lamborghini Huracan LP620-2 Super Trofeo 2015 #63 (Dark Gray)
Tomica Limited Vintage NEO LV-N43-19a Gloria Sedan (Dark Red)
Tomica Limited Vintage LV-N154b Nissan Gazelle XE-II,G (Silver)
Cars Tomica Limited Vintage NEO 43 Lightning McQueen (Dinoco Type)
1/18 Mugen S660 Premium Admiral Gray Metallic
1/43 Porsche 911 RSR No.88 Le Mans 2017 Dempsey-Proton Racing K. Bachler - S. Lemeret - K. Al Qubaisi
1/18 BMW 323 ALPINA 1983 (White)
1/18 1967 Buick GT Hardtop w/1/64 Scale Model (Sapphire Blue)

Train Models

Tetsudou Collection - Rumoi Main Line (Rumoi-Mashike) Last Train 4936D, BusColle Engan Bus Rumoi Betsukari (Mashike) Line Set
The Bus Collection - New Japan Pro-wrestling Player's Bus B
Tetsudou Collection - Keihan Railway Ozu Line 80 Model Coupled Car, A/C Customized
The Bus Collection - BusColle de Ikou Part.6 Tomotetsudou Tomo Line
1/150 Snow Miku Train 2018 Version (w/Class 3300 For Standard Color) 2Car Set Plastic Model
30716 Tokyu 6000 Series (6102 Formation) 7-car Formation Set (w/Power Unit)
10-1183 KuMoHa 54100 + KuHa 68400 Iida Line 2Cars Set
MP-38 Umbrella Stand and Ashtray
23-415 Straight Road (A) Complete Model
1-705 (HO)DE10 JR Freight Updated Color
YP-589 Dark Green 10 Train Car Case A Light Gray
JS17 Length 7.0mm
B-Train Shorty - Keisei Dentetsu Skyliner Class AE B Set 2Car Set
The Truck Collection - Dump Car, Mixing Car Set B
Building Collection 130-2 Fish Shop, Vegetable Shop, Cafe Part.2
Tetsudou Collection - Keikyu Express 1000 Class Separate Cooling Car 4Car Set A
TM-LRT01 Tetsudou Collection Power Unit
98968 Limited Item JR 583 Series Limited Express (Kitaguni, JNR Color) Set (10 Cars)
8586 Train Car Parts 1000 Series Skirt Set (Former Model, Left Right Set) [Complete Model No.30624 Compatible]
Kouken Ticket Design Pass Case Vol.1 Omiya

Trading Figures

Collar x Malice - Fortune Acrylic Art Badge vol.1 8Pack BOX
Pikuriru! -
Himouto! Umaru-chan R - Dot Picture Trading Rubber Keychain 10Pack BOX
THE IDOLM@STER SideM - Clear Clip Badge NATSU 10Pack BOX
Yumeoukoku to Nemureru 100nin no Oujisama - Ribbon Drop Acrylic Keychain / A 20Pack BOX
Osomatsu-san - Acrylic Stand Plate 6Pack BOX
Free! Eternal Summer - Square Stamp 10Pack BOX
Yuri on Ice - Toji Colle Acrylic Keychain Vol.2 6Pack BOX
KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO- Visual Card Collection Gum 20Pack BOX (CANDY TOY)
Bungou to Alchemist - Trading Smartphone Sticker 10pcs Set
Chara-Forme -
Chara-Forme -
Gintama Season 4 - Acrylic Stand Keychain 8Pack BOX
Pokemon Card Game Sun & Moon Gummy Ultra Sun 20Pack BOX (CANDY TOY)
Pokemon Card Game Sun & Moon Gummy Ultra Moon 20Pack BOX (CANDY TOY)
Bungou to Alchemist - Nama Bromide Collection 12Pack BOX
Bungou to Alchemist - Chara Pos Collection 8Pack BOX
Blood Blockade Battlefront & BEYOND - Mojimojikko Acrylic Keychain 6Pack BOX
Fullmetal Alchemist - Nokkari Rubber Clip 6Pack BOX

Character Goods

Attack on Titan 2nd season - Rubber Keychain: Jean
Love Live! Sunshine!! - Smartphone Ring vol.1: Mari
Osomatsu-san - Enamel Boston Bag: Choromatsu (Green)
Pop Team Epic - iPhone Flip Cover: Popuko & Pipimi (for iPhone 6/6s/7/8)
Gintama - Onamae Plate: Gintoki Sakata
Gintama - Onamae Plate: Toshiro Hijikata
Gintama - Onamae Plate: Sougo Okita
Gintama - Onamae Plate: Kamui
Fate/Grand Order - Cellphone Strap: Saber/Siegfried
Girls und Panzer the Movie - Tank-shaped Rubber Pass Case: Churchill Infantry Tank Mk.VII
Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Episode 18 Onigakatteru Bag
Pikuriru! -
Girls und Panzer das Finale - Ema: Hana Isuzu
Godzilla - Boxer Shorts (1964)
Godzilla - Boxer Shorts (2016)
Kemono Friends - FuwaFuwa Felt Keychain: Silver Fox
I-chu - Call You Keychain: Toya Hoonoki
Bungou to Alchemist - Cellphone Strap: Osamu Dazai
Bungo Stray Dogs DEAD APPLE - Fleece Blanket:
Sanrio Danshi - Toy'sworks Collection Niitengo Sisters Rubber Strap: Shunsuke Yoshino

Video Games

3DS Yoshi's New Island
[Bonus] PS Vita Osomatsu-san THE GAME Hachamecha Shuushoku Advice -Dead or Work- Limited Edition
Charapre Sticker for Nintendo Switch / Super Mario Odyssey W
PS4 Shining Resonance Refrain Regular Edition
[Bonus] PS4 Attack on Titan 2 Regular Edition
Nintendo Switch Zelda Musou Hyrule All Stars DX
SCREEN GUARD for Nintendo Switch (Smooth Touch + Anti-fingerprint Type)
[Bonus] 3DS Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology Regular Edition
Touch Pen Plus for New Nintendo 2DS LL Light Orange
[Bonus] PS Vita Tokyo Clanpool Limited Edition
The Snack World - new NINTENDO 2DS LL Compatible Touch Pen (Group Ver.)
The Snack World - new NINTENDO 3DS Custom Hard Cover (Jara Ver.)
[Bonus] PS4 Ni no Kuni Revenant Kingdom Regular Edition
3DS Ace Attorney 4 Regular Edition
PS Vita Utawarerumono Trilogy Box
[Bonus] PS4 Senjou no Valkyria 4 Regular Edition
PS Vita Tengai ni Mau, Iki na Hana Regular Edition
[Bonus] Nintendo Switch Happy Birthdays
[Bonus] Nintendo Switch Cube Creator X


DVD Seiyuu Yume Nikki Series Kaya Okuno
DVD Gundam Build Fighters TRY Vol.6
DVD JR East Japan Jouetsu Line Chokutsuu Agatsuma Line Driving Cab View Omae-Shibukawa (Agatsuma Line) / Shibukawa-Takasaki (Jouetsu Line)
DVD Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters DVD-BOX4
DVD Irasshai Zatsunenji Complete Edition
[Bonus] DVD Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 3rei!! DVD Limited Edition Vol.2
DVD Just Because! Vol.5 First Press Limited Edition
DVD Limited Express Odoriko 185 Series Driver's Cab View, Tokyo to Izukyu Shimoda
DVD Overlord II Vol.1
DVD Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e Vol.2
DVD Junjou Romantica 3 Vol.1 Regular Edition
DVD Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou Vol.2
DVD Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE Legend Star Vol.2
DVD The Samurai Part.2 HD Remaster Edition Vol.3 (Senkousha 75th Anniversary Commemoration)
DVD Anime
DVD MARGINAL#4 KISS Kara Tsukuru Big Bang Vol.3 First Press Edition


BD Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e Vol.1
BD Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Sho-bitch na Ken Vol.5 Limited Edition
[Bonus] BD 91 Days VOL.1
BD Anime
BD Houseki no Kuni Vol.5 Blu-ray First Press Limited Edition
BD Overlord II Vol.1
BD Two Car Vol.3
BD Sansha Sanyou Vol.1
BD Sansha Sanyou Vol.2
BD Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Sho-bitch na Ken Vol.2 Limited Edition
BD Tenshi no 3P! Vol.6
BD Kekkai Sensen & BEYOND Vol.5 Blu-ray First Press Limited Edition


CD Idol Death Game TV -Dream Songs-
CD Takt Kirisawa & Les Paul (Mamoru Miyano, Daisuke Namikawa) / TV Anime Scared Rider Xechs Resonance Song Series VOL.6
CD Situation CD
CD DJCD Duraradi!! x2 Keijiban Koukan Nikki 3maime / Toshiyuki Toyonaga, Kana Hanazawa
CD FORBIDDEN STAR XYZ 2nd Kiruna, Raira ver. / XYZ (Ryota Osaka, Natsuki Hanae)
CD TV Anime
CD Zenryoku Shounen-tachi no Outa CD 2-Jikanme 3rd Year Unit Yuzuru & Sena Sena ver. / Shota Aoi, Toshiki Masuda
CD Drama CD Phantasy Star ONLINE2 Vol.2 Idol Capriccio
CD AXELL with Bananya / Lucky Holiday Bananya Edition (
CD Omerta -Chinmoku no Okite- Drama CD Vol.7 Azusa Arc

Card Games

Magic: The Gathering English Version Duel Deck: Mind vs. Might
Magic: The Gathering Japanese Version Ixalan Planeswalker Deck 2Type Set
[Bonus] Chaos TCG Booster Pack - Re:CREATORS 20Pack BOX
Pokemon Card Game XY BREAK - Expansion Pack Bakunetsu no Toushi 20Pack BOX
Precious Memories
Magic: The Gathering Japanese Version Duel Deck: Mind vs. Might
[Bonus] Chaos TCG Booster Pack - KonoSuba 2 16BOX Carton
Luck & Logic - Hinaroji Trial Deck 02 Angel Logic Pack
Cardfight!! Vanguard G - Clan Booster Vol.7 Utahime no Festa 24BOX Carton
Lycee Overture Ver. Girls und Panzer Senshadou Daisakusen! 1.0 Starter Deck Pack
Lycee Overture Ver. Brave Sword x Blaze Soul 1.0 Starter Deck Pack
Card Game - Ushio and Tora Lost Spear
Lycee Overture Ver. August 1.0 Starter Deck 5Pack BOX
Shironeko Project Trading Card Game - Structure Deck Petit paradis 6Pack BOX
Shironeko Project Trading Card Game - Structure Deck Petit paradis Pack
[Bonus] Chaos TCG Booster Pack Blend S 20Pack BOX
Lycee Overture Ver. Fate/Grand Order 2.0 Starter Deck 5Pack BOX
Precious Memories

Card Holders

Magic: The Gathering [Island] Deck Box w/Tray
Magic: The Gathering [Hour of Devastation] Deck Protector Sleeve V2 Pack
Magic: The Gathering [Masters 25th] Play Mat #3
F Sleeve Collection vol.6 EVANGELION Battle Link - Asuka & Mari Pack
Character Sleeve Creator's Collection - Akazawa RED (EN-402) Pack
Character Sleeve - Senran Kagura ESTIVAL VERSUS -Shoujo-tachi no Sentaku- Imu (EN-408) Pack
Character Sleeve - Himouto! Umaru-chan R: Kirie Motoba B (EN-524) Pack
Bushiroad Deck Holder Collection V2 Vol.255 Attack on Titan
Bushiroad Sleeve Collection Mini Vol.286 Cardfight!! Vanguard G
Bushiroad Sleeve Collection Mini Vol.291 Cardfight!! Vanguard G
Bushiroad Sleeve Collection Mini Vol.292 Cardfight!! Vanguard G
Bushiroad Sleeve Collection High Grade Vol.1400 Aho-Girl
Bushiroad Deck Holder Collection V2 Vol.292 Aho-Girl
Bushiroad Sleeve Collection HG Vol.1430 Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Sho-bitch na Ken
Bushiroad Rubber Mat Collection Vol.129 Infini-T Force
Broccoli Character Sleeve - Angel Beats!
Chara Sleeve Collection Matte Series - Aho-Girl (No.MT399) Pack
TV Anime
Character Sleeve - Sakura Quest: Yoshino Koharu (EN-470) Pack
Character Sleeve - Sakura Quest B (EN-472) Pack

Kid's Toys

BE@RBRICK Clear & Solid Playing Card
Idol Time PriPara - My Best Co-de File: Laala Ver.
Magic Clay - Lion
HobbyJAPAN Special Selection Board Game - Feuville
Koeda-chan - Kino-chan no Otodoke Oryouri Set
Sylvanian Families - Marshmallow Mouse Triplet
Omoshiro Kanji Kanyouku Playing Cards
Bussashi Seiken Cap - Yuusha no Hane
Bussashi Seiken Cap - Maou no Daiyogen
Gyoroppi - Monaca
Gyoroppi - Lily
Gyoroppi - Milk
Gyoroppi - Ramune
Gyoroppi - Grape
Gyoroppi - Rose
Gyoroppies & Oyasumi Pod Set
Remin & Solan - Mickey Milk Bottle
Orikeshi Material - Hikaru KiraKira Oshare Set
Orikeshi Material - Hikaru Himitsu no Message Set
Unazukin / Pine

Jigsaw Puzzles

Prism Art Petit - Touken Ranbu Online: Yagen Toushirou (Kiri) 70pcs (97-141)
Art Crystal Jigsaw - Pokemon TYPE: WATER 208pcs (208-AC53)
Jigsaw Puzzle Puzzle Clock - Star Wars: Death Star 145pcs (2401-02)
Jigsaw Puzzle - Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin V Gekitotsu Loum Kaisen 300pcs (300-1307)
Jigsaw Puzzle - Rilakkuma: Rilakkuma Teahouse (1) 150pcs (150-571)
Jigsaw Puzzle - Yuri on Ice x Sanrio Characters 300pcs (300-1306)
Jigsaw Puzzle - Fullmetal Alchemist x Sanrio: Mustang & Hawkeye & Black Hayate 108pcs (108-710)
Jigsaw Puzzle - Hey! Pikmin 108 Large Pieces (108-L597)
Jigsaw Puzzle - Rilakkuma: Kiiroitori Diary 150pcs (150-584)
Jigsaw Puzzle - Movie PreCure Super Stars! 500pcs (500T-L18)
Jigsaw Puzzle - Magia Record: Madoka Kaname 208pcs (208-016)
Jigsaw Puzzle - Magia Record: Rena Minami 208pcs (208-020)
Jigsaw Puzzle - Image Art Series My Neighbor Totoro: Flying Totoros 300pcs (300-412)
Jigsaw Puzzle - My Neighbor Totoro: Hana no Kusabana 108pcs (108-407)
Jigsaw Puzzle - Kiki's Delivery Service: Pedal wo Koide 300pcs (300-414)
Jigsaw Puzzle - Haruyo: Reishi 500pcs (06-089)
Jigsaw Puzzle - Girls und Panzer the Movie: The Sisters' Luminous Star 1000pcs (1000T-70)
Jigsaw Puzzle - The Girl Who Leapt Through Time 300pcs (T300-417)
Crystal Panel for Jigsaw Puzzle No.1-bo Kira Clear (35-164)
Aluminum Frame for Jigsaw Puzzle - My Panel No.3 Black (18000-0303)

Package Damage

[Bonus] Chaos TCG Booster Pack - Full Metal Panic! 20Pack BOX
Nendoroid - NARUTO Shippuden: Sakura Haruno
THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls - Fumika Sagisawa Bright Memories Ver. 1/7 Complete Figure
Kantai Collection -Kan Colle- Z1 (Leberecht Maass) 1/8 Complete Figure
[Exclusive Sale] G.E.M. Series remix - NARUTO Shippuden: Seiten Taisei Naruto Uzumaki! Complete Figure
Girls und Panzer the Movie - Rosehip 1/7 Complete Figure
DreamTech - Love Live! Sunshine!!: Chika Takami Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiterukai? Ver. 1/8 Complete Figure
Fate/EXTELLA - Medusa Miwaku no Bunny Suit ver. 1/8 Complete Figure
Hdge technical statue No.10 Ultra Street Fighter IV - Decapre Complete Figure
Hdge technical statue No.6 Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. - Motoko Kusanagi EX Complete Figure
Ikkitousen Extravaganza Epoch - Chubo Sonken Swimsuit Ver. White 1/6 Complete Figure
THE IDOLM@STER MOVIE Kagayaki no Mukougawa e! - Miki Hoshii Nemurihime 1/7 Complete Figure
Polynian - Mer (Gray Fresh) Complete Model Action Figure
PG 1/60 Gundam Exia (LIGHTING MODEL) Plastic Model
Ensembukubu Stars! - Collection Clear File Vol.1 12Pack BOX
HG Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans 1/144 Hekija Plastic Model
1/100 Full Mechanics Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex Plastic Model from
LittleArmory - Acrylic Figure vol.2 6Pack BOX
A3! - Suwarasetai 10Pack BOX


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  • A personal page named "My Account" is given to each user. Through the "My Account" page, you can check your order history, update your shipping address and change your shipping & payment method.
  • Watch List
  • Watch List is a system that you can use to keep track of the items you want. Please note that adding an item to your watch list does not secure stock of that item for you.
  • AmiAmi Points
  • AmiAmi Points are points rewarded based on the price of the item purchased. The points are added to your account approximately 17 days after an order is shipped and can be used in your future purchases at the rate of 1 point = 1 JPY.
Customer Support
AmiAmi offers customer support by email & phone in both English & Japanese. You can send us emails through the "Contact Us" page or by replying to an email we have sent to you.
We are open from Monday to Friday, 12:00 to 17:00 JST except Japanese holidays.
Shipping Methods
AmiAmi currently offers 7 shipping methods; EMS, DHL, Air Small Packet, SAL Small Packet (Registered), SAL Small Packet (Unregistered), SAL Parcel, local courier for domestic delivery.

Shipping fee is calculated after all items in an order are in stock. Please note that shipping quotes for orders including not in-stock items cannot be provided as we do not know the final size/weight of the item ourselves.
Time required for delivery varies depending on the period of the year, the destination country and other possible factors.
Please refer to the "Payment/Shipping" page for more details.

*Local courier type (Sagawa Express / Yamato / Japan Post) cannot be selected.
Payment Method
AmiAmi currently offers 5 payment methods; PayPal, credit card, Alipay, UnionPay, Cash on Delivery (for domestic delivery only).

Payment request is sent after all items in an order are in stock. No payment is required before the release date except when noted. In general, customers have 7 days from when we send the "payment request" email to pay.
Please note that, in some cases, customers paying with credit card may be asked to change the payment method to PayPal due to security reasons.
Please refer to the "Payment/Shipping"" page for more details.
Cancellations are generally not accepted. Please only place orders for items that you are sure of purchasing. In case a cancellation is absolutely required, please contact us.
Please refer to the "FAQ" page for more details.
All sales are final. Returns or refunds are not accepted for reasons other than item defects.
Please refer to "FAQ" page for more details regarding item defects.
Company Information
AmiAmi / Oh-ami Inc.
4-21-11 Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0002 JAPAN
Phone: +81-3-3813-5851 (Mon-Fri 12:00-17:00 JST, except Japanese holidays)