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Sale Items

Bishoujo Figure Sale Items

Petit Pretty - Squid Girl: Squid Girl Miyazawa Mokei Limited Edition Short Hair (?) Version Action Figure
Ikkitousen - Shiryuu Chou'un Cheer Girl Ver. (Red) 1/6 Complete Coldcast Figure
Kisei Juui Suzune - Suzune Arizono 1/3.5 Complete Figure
Busou Shinki - Lene -ImageModel- Complete Figure
Trinity Seven - Mira Yamana -Swimsuit Ver.- 1/8 Complete Figure
Walkure Romanze More & More - Bertille 1/6 Complete Figure
Excellent ModelLIMITED Queen's Blade EX Weapon Merchant "Cattleya" Jounetsu no Aka Futatabi 1/8 Complete Figure (Miyazawa Model Limited Distribution)
Magical Warfare - Momoka Shijo 1/8 Complete Figure
Hdge technical statue No.7 Calne Ca Wistaria ver. Complete Figure
Haganai - Sena Kashiwazaki Blacksmith Ver. 1/8 Complete Figure
Microman Arts - Love Live! MA1109 Umi Sonoda
Oreimo 2nd Season - Kuroneko (Ruri Gokou) 1/8 Resin Cast Pre-painted Complete Figure
THE IDOLM@STER Million Live! - Yuriko Nanao Floating Reading Space Ver. 1/8 Complete Figure
Super Pochaco Suntanned Swimsuit Ver. 1/8 Complete Figure
Kantai Collection -Kan Colle- Battleship Re-Class 1/8 Complete Figure
Junai Kajitsu Shii Kiya Cover Girl Natsuiro Shoujo "Manatsu-chan" 1/7 Complete Figure
S.H. Figuarts - Sakura Kinomoto (Tobira wo Hirake) "Cardcaptor Sakura"
Smartphone Stand Bishoujo Character Collection No.12 Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? - Hestia
To Love-Ru Darkness - Golden Darkness -Trance of Darkness- 1/8 Complete Figure
Kantai Collection -Kan Colle- Kagero 1/7 Complete Figure
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Character Figures Sale Items

Dinosaur Vinyl Model Brachiosaurus
Youkai Watch BIG-ri! Jibanyan Plastic Model
Shimauma - Dora Complete Figure
mensHdge technical statue No.9 Zankyo no Terror - Nine Complete Figure
PROPLICA - Dominator "Psycho-Pass"
Vinyl Collectible Dolls No.234 VCD Andy Warhol Silkscreen Green Ver.
Vulcanlog 002 "Monster Hunter" MonHunRevo Molten Tigrex -Rage Ver.-
Variant Play Arts Kai - Marvel Universe: Black Widow
Variarts - Doraemon 039
Yowamushi Pedal GRANDE ROAD - GunyaGunya Akira Midousuji Complete Figure
amiibo - Robot (Super Smash Bros. Series)
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Basic Figure Assortment 3 6Type 2Packs Each Assortment
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Mask Assortment 3Type 2Packs Each Assortment
amiibo - Zero Suit Samus (Super Smash Bros. Series)
amiibo - Dark Pit (Super Smash Bros. Series)
amiibo - Pikmin & Captain Olimar (Super Smash Bros. Series)
amiibo - Samus (Super Smash Bros. Series)
amiibo - Ganondorf (Super Smash Bros. Series)
Play Arts Kai - Kingdom Hearts 2: Riku
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Foreign Figures Sale Items

A Nightmare on Elm Street 7 Inch Action Figure Series 4 - Power Glove Freddy
Pacific Rim - Slattern Kaiju Statue
DC Comics Staute - Batman Classic Collection: Penguin (Classic ver.)
Dungeons & Dragons - Val Barbarian Vinyl Statue
DC Comics Icons / Mr. Miracle Earth 2 6 Inch Action Figure
DC Comics Bombshells / Harley Quinn with Joker Statue
Justice League: Gods and Monsters - Wonder Woman Action Figure
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Leonardo Complete Figure
Variant Play Arts Kai - Predator: Predator
Kevin Smith SModcast Pulse Jason Mewes &Kevin Smith Vinyl Figure 2PK
1/6 Scale Action Figure Monster File Series Werewolf (MF002)
Nightmare on Elm Street 1989 Video Game Appearance - US Toys "R" Us Limited Freddy Krueger 8 Inch Action Doll
Justice League Animated - PVC Statue "Femme Fatales" Hawkgirl
Dorbz "Guardians of the Galaxy" Gamora
Dorbz "Guardians of the Galaxy" Star-Lord (Unmasked ver.)
Dorbz "Guardians of the Galaxy" Ronan
Dorbz "Guardians of the Galaxy" Nebula
Star Wars Black - Imperial Force 6 Inch Action Figure Set / Entertainment Earth Limited
The Legend of Korra - Chief Beifong PVC Statue
Wacky Wobbler - Star Wars: The Force Awakens: First Order Stormtrooper
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Dolls Sale Items

Picco Neemo Wear 1/12 Heroine Base / Gloss Black (DOLL CLOTHING)
1/6 Doll Material Parts - Azone Original 5x4 Round Buckle GOLD
1/6 Doll Material Parts - Azone Original 10x8 Round Buckle SILVER
Hair Implanted Head 11-01 Whity Blue (DOLL CLOTHING)
Pullip Premium Kiyomi - Mint Ice Cream Version Complete Doll
Pullip - Gretel
Isul - Hansel
momoko DOLL CCS 16SP momoko Complete Doll
momoko DOLL CCSgirl 16SP ruruko Complete Doll
1/6 Doll Material Parts - Azone Original 6mm Rose Motif Button CLEAR
1/6 Figure Outfit Set Dog Show (1045) (DOLL CLOTHING)
30th Anniversary Jenny Excelina
1/6 Doll Material Parts - Azone Original 4mm Link Up Button DARK BROWN
1/3 Hybrid Active Figure ""Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie [New]" Devil Homura Complete Doll
EX Cute Family - Otogi no Kuni / Chiisana Maid Chisa Complete Doll
Pullip - Le Petit Prince x ALICE and the PIRATES-The Fox
Fruit Party Odeco-chan Complete Doll
TAEYANG / Black Butler - Undertaker
Hello KIKIPOP! / Honey Pink Complete Doll
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Gundam Toys Sale Items

GUNDAM FIX FIGURATION METAL COMPOSITE - Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex "Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn"
NXEDGE STYLE [MS UNIT] Gundam Astray Red Frame "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Astray"
Robot Spirits -SIDE MS- Strike Noir "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED C.E. 73: Stargazer"
Cosmo Fleet Special Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Nahel Argama (Last Chapter Ver.)
Robot Spirits -SIDE MS- Shining Gundam "Mobile Fighter G Gundam"
Robot Spirits -SIDE MS- Turn A Gundam Regular Edition
Robot Spirits -SIDE MS- V2 Gundam "Mobile Suit V Gundam"
Cosmo Fleet Special - Gundam Reconguista in G: Megafauna
HGBC 1/144 Portant Flyer Plastic Model
Robot Spirits -SIDE MS- V Dash Gundam "Mobile Suit V Gundam"
HGBF 1/144 Gundam X Maoh Plastic Model
Robot Spirits -SIDE MS- Justice Gundam "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED"
HGUC 1/144 Gyan Plastic Model
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Robots Sale Items

Combat Mecha Xabungle 1/100 Galapagos Type Plastic Model
Danball Senki LBX Sticker (1) for LBX Achilles & LBX Deqoo
Danball Senki LBX Sticker (7) For use with LBX Odin
Danball Senki LBX Sticker 10: LBX Erusion & LBX Minerva
Transformers Movie LA16 Battle Attack Slag
Ziguru Hazeru Series - Docking Head Blocker Jet Head Blocker
Ziguru Hazeru Series - Docking Head Blocker Drill Head Blocker
Ziguru Hazeru Series - Docking Head Blocker Tank Head Blocker
D-Style - Transformers: Black Convoy Plastic Model
Mecha Collection Space Battleship Yamato 2199 No.17 Garunto Plastic Model
Transformers Adventure TED-14 Fracture
The Super Dimension Fortress Macross II: Lovers Again 1/60 Kahen VF-2SS Valkyrie II Silvie Gena Use
Mecha Collection - Space Battleship Yamato 2199 No.20 Gaiderol-Class Space Battleship Plastic Model
Dynamite Action! No.29 "Samurai Pizza Cats" Nyago King
MACROSS DIGITAL MISSION VF-X 1/60 Kanzen Henkei VF-4G Lightning III
Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion H5 Hayabusa
Choujigen Henkei FrameRobo - Amaterasu Frame Plastic Model
Variable Action - Future GPX Cyber Formula 11: Super Asurada AKF-11
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Tokusatsu Toys Sale Items

CCP 1/6 Tokusatsu Series Vol.062 Ultraman B Type Later Appearance Ver.(Reddish Type w/o Lighting Gimmick)
CCP 1/6 Tokusatsu Series Vol.063 Gomora 2.0 Ver. (Burned Brown Type w/Lighting Gimmick)
S.H. Figuarts - Kamen Rider Drive Type Wild "Kamen Rider Drive"
S.H. Figuarts - Fire "Tokkei Winspector"
S.H. Figuarts - Kamen Rider Kivala "Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider W & Decade MOVIE Taisen 2010"
Kamen Rider Ghost - Ghost Gadget Series 03. Bat Clock
Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger - Doubutsu-Juuken DX Zyuoh Buster
S.H. Figuarts - Kamen Rider Drive Type Dead Heat "Kamen Rider Drive"
S.H. Figuarts - Rideron "Kamen Rider Black RX"
Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger - Choujyu-Ken DX Eaglizer
S.H. Figuarts - Kamen Rider Black RX "Kamen Rider Black RX"
S.H. Figuarts - Cyclone (Customized Ver.) "Kamen Rider"
Real Action Heroes No.710 RAH GENESIS Kamen Rider Drive Type Speed
S.H. Figuarts - Original Kamen Rider 2 & Cyclone-go (Modified Ver.) Set "Kamen Rider"
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Scale/Military Sale Items

1/72 F-16A Plus Fighting Falcon Plastic Model
Detail-up Photo-etched Parts 1/72 For IJA Heavy Bomber Italian Style (BR.20)
Decal Set 14-D002 1/144 Sea King (United States) Plastic Model
Miniatuart Petite 1/220 Biplane (MP01-21)
Miniatuart Petite 1/220 Tugboat (MP01-55)
RC Helicopter - Camera-copter (Black)
Complete Model 1/200 YS-11A JA8744 ANK Flap Down Model Okadama Airport RWY32
Complete Model 1/200 YS-11A JA8761 ANK Flap Down Model Okadama Airport RWY32
Complete Model 1/200 YS-11A JA8772 ANK Flap Down Model Okadama Airport RWY32
1/35 French WW2 Tank Marking Dry Decal
1/72 Reggiane 2005 Plastic Kit
PE-SETS 1/48 Spitfire PR.XIX Flap Parts Set
STD Thruster Normal 12.0mm (Set of 2)
1/350 Sky Wave Series JMSDF Missile Boat PG-824 Hayabusa Plastic Model
1/700 IJN Series No.00 Yamato (End Ver.) Full-hull Model Plastic Model w/Photo-etched Parts
VW-05 Decal 1/144 Virtual Weapons Nakajima Kikka "Tatsumaki Butai"
MASKY / MASKS 1/48 A3D-2 Mask Sheet (for Trumpeter 1/48)
1/35 WWII German Army Nashorn Fender Sprint Set (for 1 Axle)
1/200 Junkers JU-88A4 German Bomber Plane Plastic Model
Miniatuart Kit - Studio Ghibli mini: Mei and Catbus (MP07-04)
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Car Models Sale Items

Red Line Complete Mini Car 1/24 Ferrari 248F 2006 Japan GP Driver:M. Schumacher
1/43 Calsonic Skyline GT-R (#1) 1995 JGTC Sugo K.Hoshino/M.Kageyama
Slot Car Dslot43 Optional Parts 1/43 High Grip Tire Set (D15/10-80)
1/43 1967 Mercury Cougar (Lime Frost)
Vitesse Model Car 1/43 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X - #45 S.Aksa/J.Judd (2nd PWRC Acropolis Rally 2012)
1/43 Toyota Sprinter Treno N2 1985 Corolla/Sprinter Grand Cup #86 Asano Motors Treno Takeo Asano
Kyosho Original 1/64 Toyota Hiace (Gray)
Choro-Q zero Z-35b Volkswagen Microbus (Green/White)
1/43 HOT Honda CIVIC TYPE R Concept 2014 Blue
1/64 MOTOR WORLD - SERIES 15 6Pack Assortment
Choro-Q zero Z-34d VW Golf I (Yellowish Green)
Choro-Q zero Z-35d VW Micro Bus (Light Blue)
Q-Transformers QT32 Black Megatron (Lamborghini Veneno)
Q-Transformers QTC06 My Melody
Choro-Q zero - Z-41a Nissan Leopard Ultima Turbo Late Type (Beige)
Q-Transformers QTFS02 Decepticon Kanbu 3Figure Set
Tomica No.96 Honda Step Wagon (Blister Pack)
1/43 Honda CIVIC FERIO Si II (1996) Frost White
1/64 Nissan Fairlady Z432 S30 Metropolitan Expressway Unit Vehicle
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Train Models Sale Items

The Car Collection 80HG-008 Skyline Van Patrol Car
7321 Kilo Post Separate Issue Layout Room Complete Arc Vol.1 (BOOK)
R034 Double Slip Point Rail Left Branch w/2 Ready Cut 53.6mm Support Rails
C004 Accessory Switch
8508 31ft Wing Container U51A-39500 (Nippon Konpo Unyu Soko)
A7056 Keio 6000 Series Old Color, Old Logo 8-car Set
A1286 JNR 52 Series +70 Series Suka COlor Iida Line 4Car Set
92577 JR E2 1000 Series Tohoku Shinkansen (Yamabiko) Additional Set B (3Cars)
8210 1/150 Isuzu Gala WILLER EXPRESS
PlaRail Netsuke - 922 Class Doctor Yellow
5142 OHa 50
98211 JNR 103 Series Commuting Train (Initial A/C Customized Card, Uguisu) Additional Set (2Cars)
1/80 16.5mm Gauze Meitetsu 7000 Series Panorama Car Plastic Kit Middle Car 2Car Set
10-1341 205 Series Nanbu Line Single-arm Pantograph 6Car Set
K-22022 KuHa 86 069-084 (w/o Front Typhon)
K-22023 KuHa 86 069-084 (w/Front Typhon)
8029 Wamu 90000 (2-Car)
A9575 113 Series 2000 3ON Condition Improved Construction Site Vehicle Hiroshima Color Pantograph Added 4 Cars Set
10-844 E217 Series Yokosuka Line / Sobu Line (New Color) Additional Set A (4-Car Set)
2723 Class TaMu 500 (Silver)
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Trading Figures Sale Items

Persona 3 the Movie - Sticker Collection 6Pack BOX
Henshin Doubutsu Animal Change 8Pack BOX (CANDY TOY)
Tales of Zestiria - Chara Pos Collection 8Pack BOX
Shinobi, Koi Utsutsu - Water-in Collection 8Pack BOX
Marvel Minimates - Avengers 2 Age of Ultron 2PK Series 2 12Pack BOX
Durarara!! x2 - Trading Chara-Mas Coaster 10Pack BOX
Minimates - Nightmare Before Christmas Counter Display: 18Pack BOX
Funassyi no Meisshi Vol.5 Funagoro- wo Sukue! 12Pack BOX
D4 Touken Ranbu Online - Rubber Strap Collection Vol.1 8Pack BOX
DYNAMIC CHORD - YuraYura Charm Collection -Liar-S- 8Pack BOX
Gintama Trading Diecut Sticker 10Pack BOX
TV Anime Donten ni Warau - Long Poster Collection 8Pack BOX
Touken Ranbu Online - Slim Can Badge Collection 20Pack BOX (w/Initial Production Limited BOX Bonus: Mikazuki Munechika)
Rubber Mascot - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Iggy no Kimyou na Cosplay Stand Hen 6Pack BOX
Amami Oshima Amami no Kurousagi 12Pack BOX
Picktam! - Touken Ranbu Online 1st Squad 6Pack BOX
Haikyuu!! - Kokeshi Netsuke vol.1 8Pack BOX
Ace of Diamond - Miagete Mascot 12Pack
Clear Brooch Collection - Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE Revolutions 12Pack BOX
Eformed Ace of Diamond Futonmushi Rubber Strap Part.3 6Pack BOX
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Character Goods Sale Items

Ghostbusters - Rubber Pass Case: Marshmallow Man Bust
NARUTO Shippuden - Body Sticker: Sasuke
Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE 2000% - Pass Case: Ai
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Plush - Princess Zelda S Size
NouCome x Afilia Saga - Cleaner Strap w/Collaboration Charm: Kohime
Momochi-san Chi no Ayakashi Ouji - Pencil Board: Gekko
Momochi-san Chi no Ayakashi Ouji - Pencil Board: Nishikigoi
Akuma no Riddle - Maki-e Sticker: Azuma Tokaku
Hozuki no Reitetsu - Reflector: Kingyosou
Kuroko's Basketball - Laundry Box: Tetsuya Kuroko
Sengoku BASARA Judge End - Bunko Book Cover (4 Busho)
GraPhig 269 Tsuburaya Production Creative Jam 50 - Ancient Monster Twin Tail Girl (PAPER CRAFT)
Sword Art Online II - Leather Card Case: Red Ver.
Brothers Conflict - IC Card Sticker: Animal-ear Natsume
Brothers Conflict - Hand Towel: Animal-ear Natsume
Cardcaptor Sakura - Square Pouch (Kero-chan)
Youkai Watch - Youkai Oshaberi-bou: Koma-san
Captain Earth - Body Wash Towel "Araikko": Akari Yomatsuri
Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai - Messenger Bag Type C
Doraemon Original Work 45th Anniversary Commemoration Stacking Mug - Doraemon Vol.10
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Video Games Sale Items

WiiU Mario Kart 8
New Nintendo 3DS LL Protection Film w/Decoration Sticker - TOY STORY
PS3 Infinite Stratos 2: Love and Purge Limited Edition (w/Pre-order Bonus)
PS3 TV Anime THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls G4U! Pack VOL.7 (w/First Release Bonus: Serial Number)
New Nintendo 3DS LL Screen Protection Film Decoration Sticker TOY STORY Pop
[Bonus] PS Vita Is the order a rabbit?? Wonderful party! Regular Edition
Xbox One [North American Edition] Deadpool
PS Vita Omerta CODE:TYCOON Kai Regular Edition
PS Vita Shirogane x Spirits! Completely Limited Production Edition
[Bonus] 3DS Medarot Girls Mission Kabuto Ver.
[Bonus] 3DS Medarot Girls Mission Kuwagata Ver.
PS4 Controller Custom Cover for FPS (ARMOR GEAR+)
3DS Happy Price Selection Bokujou Monogatari Hajimari no Daichi
New Nintendo 3DS Kisekae Plate No.076 (My Melody)
Wii U "Star Fox Zero Star Fox Guard" Double Pack
Monster Hunter Frontier G - Over 5 Million Hunters Commemorating Memorial Goods
[Bonus] PS4 ONE PIECE BURNING BLOOD -AniSon Sound Edition-
CYBER L2/R2 Button Cover Nekonyan (for PS4) Black
Xbox One ScreamRide
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DVDs Sale Items

DVD YuruYuri San Hai! Vol. 4
DVD "Star-mu" Vol.1 First Release Limited Edition w/Priority Application Form for Event Ticket
DVD Arslan Senki Vol.7 Initial Production Limited
DVD Bubuki Buranki Vol.1
DVD Yui Horie / "Horie Yui wo Meguru Bouken V -Nerawareta Gakuensai-" w/CD
DVD Seraph of the End Nagoya Kessen Hen Vol.4 Initial Production Limited w/Bonus Disc
DVD KuruNeko New Seasonal KuruNeko Delivery Service Vol.4 Nyalock Holmes First Release Limited Edition w/ Detective Kobon Plush
DVD Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE Revolutions Vol.2
DVD Charlotte Vol.3 [Completely Limited Production Edition]
DVD Charlotte Vol.7 [Completely Limited Production Edition]
DVD Aria the Scarlet Ammo AA Bullet.1
DVD Anime "Nintama Rantaro" DVD 20th Series Vol.7
DVD The Amazing World of Gumball -Taiketsu! Tina VS Gumball-
DVD My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU 2 Vol.2 First Release Limited Edition
DVD Himouto! Umaru-chan Vol.4 Initial Production Limited Edition
DVD Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace Vol.1 [Completely Limited Production Edition]
DVD Aria the Scarlet Ammo AA Bullet.4
DVD Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry Vol.3
DVD Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry Vol.4
DVD WORKING!!! SP [Completely Limited Production Edition]
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Card Games Sale Items

Cardfight!! Vanguard Trial Deck - Resonance of Thunder Dragon Pack (VG-TD06)
Cardfight!! Vanguard Booster Vol.15 Infinite Rebirth (VG-BT15+ )BOX w/"Mini-Van" DVD Vol.2
Cardfight!! Vanguard Trial Deck Brawler of Friendship (VG-TD15) Pack
Aldnoah.Zero - Trading Card Game Starter Set Pack
Puzzle & Dragons TCG - Starter Deck Vol.1 Hametsu no Akumaryu Pack
Puzzle & Dragons TCG Starter Deck Vol.2 Tenshou no Seijuuryuu Pack
Panini Football League 2015-04 [PFL12] 20Pack BOX
IC Carddass Dragon Ball Vol.1 Booster Pack 20Pack BOX
Sangokushi Taisen - Trading Card Game Draft Pack 20Pack BOX
Knight Gundam Carddass Quest Vol.1 Lacroa no Yuusha [KCQ01] 20Pack BOX
Ange Vierge - Booster Pack Chap.10 Zero ga Shimesu Shinjtisu 20Pack BOX
[Bonus] Chaos TCG - Booster Pack Steins;Gate 0 & CHAOS;CHILD 20Pack BOX
Luck & Logic - Trial Deck Bullet Logic Pack
WORLD CLUB Champion Football 2015-2016 Official Side Loader 11Loader Set
Precious Memories - Squid Girl Starter Pack
Magic: The Gathering Khans of Tarkir Booster Pack (Japanese) 36Pack BOX
[Bonus] Weiss Schwarz - Puella Magi Madoka Magica Booster BOX (w/PR Card)
Dragon Quest Trading Card Game - Dragon Quest Heroes Special Pack BOX (w/BOX Bonus)
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Character Trading Cards Sale Items

Sailor Moon Carddass Revival Collection Part.2 16Pack BOX
Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist Trading Card [Anime Edition] 8Pack BOX
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Idols / Talents Sale Items

No Items.

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Card Holders Sale Items

Card Accessory Collection Sleeve Mini-Size Soft 100 Sleeve Pack
Magic: The Gathering - Magic Mana Deck Protector Sleeves Vol.4: Ajani
Hero Bank Battle Card Official W Deck Case - Enter the Gold
Character Sleeve Protector [World Famous Quotes] Kaiten Mutenmaru Agni Tempest! Pack
Character Sleeve - Movie PreCure All Stars Haru no Carnival: Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star (EN-035) Pack
Character Sleeve - Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu.: Tail Yellow (EN-041) Pack
Takara Tomy Chara Card Protect Collection - WIXOSS Tanoshiku Battle! ver. Pack
Bushiroad Sleeve Collection Mini Vol.156 Touken Ranbu Online "Mutsu no Kami Yoshiyuki" Pack
Bushiroad Storage Box Collection Vol.110 Touken Ranbu Online "Yamato no Kami Yasusada"
Ginken no Arcadia Tribe - Sleeve Collection: Star Figure Society Pack
Card Accessory Collection - Card Sleeve Square 69, Hard
Character Sleeve Protector [World Famous Quotes] "Minagittekita!" Pack
Character Sleeve - SHOW BY ROCK!!: Aion (EN-133) Pack
Bushiroad Sleeve Collection HG Vol.914 THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls "Miria Akagi" Pack
Bushiroad Sleeve Collection HG Vol.918 THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls "Kanako Mimura" Pack
Bushiroad Sleeve Collection HG Vol.926 Kantai Collection -Kan Colle- "Kiso" Pack
Full View Deck Box - Force of Will / Valentina
Character Sleeve Collection - Sabbat of the Witch "Tsumugi Shiiba" Ver.2 Pack
Bushiroad Sleeve Collection HG Vol.938 IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Selection "Miria Akagi" [Stage Costume Ver.] Pack
Flip Box - Force of Will / Fire Type
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Kid's Toys Sale Items

Magical MRI
  • Magical MRI
  • Release date: late Oct-2013
  • 43% OFF970 JPY
Turtles Spin Skate Board
Youkai Watch - Youkai MedaKuru Henge: Robonyan
Metallic Nano Puzzle TMP-01 Black Pearl Ship
Lumica Light Daisenkou arc Deep Green
Youkai Watch - Youkai Gerapo Plus Busters Dai Sakusen -Dai Ni Maku Youkai Medal de Otomo Ippai-
Science And Experiment Series - Optical Science Binoculars
Kamisama Minarai Himitsu no Coco-tama - Coco-tama House Hobby Party Arrangement Set
My Neighbor Totoro - Cat Bus Rail Puzzle -Osanpo Set-
Maho Tsukai PreCure! - Mahou no Suishou
Maho Tsukai PreCure! - KiraKira Deco Accessory
Maho Tsukai PreCure! - PreCoorde House: PreCure Shopping Mall
Kamisama Minarai Himitsu no Coco-tama - My Arrange Furniture Set
Aqua Beads Art - White
Deck Style Card Game - El Alamein El Alamein (Non-trading)
PROPLICA - Rainbow Moon Chalice "Sailor Moon S"
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Jigsaw Puzzles Sale Items

Jigsaw Puzzle Petite 2 - Disney: Slumber of Happiness (Mickey and Minnie) 500 Piece (41-08)
Jigsaw Puzzle - Peanuts: Funny Snoopy 108pcs (41-701)
Jigsaw Puzzle - PETIT Disney Girls Talk 204pcs (98-593)
Jigsaw Puzzle - Disney Hoshi no Kuni 204pcs (98-617)
Jigsaw Puzzle - Magical Night 204 Small Pcs (98-623)
Jigsaw Puzzle - Attack on Titan 100pcs Mini Puzzle Assortment Part.5 Set of 2 Types
Art Crystal Jigsaw Frame for Ghibli Titles (for 208pcs) Cloud (White)
Jigsaw Puzzle - Haikyuu!! Second Season: Mosaic Art Asahi Azumane 300 Large Pieces (300-L504)
Jigsaw Puzzle - Haikyuu!! Second Season: Mosaic Art Shoyo Hinata 300 Large Pieces (300-L508)
Jigsaw Puzzle - Haikyuu!! Second Season: Mosaic Art Yu Nishinoya 300 Large Pieces (300-L510)
Jigsaw Puzzle - Son Goku & Vegeta [Super Saiyan God SS] 100pcs (100-002)
Jigsaw Puzzle - Himeta Chikara! Chou Saiyan Gotenks 100pcs (100-003)
Jigsaw Puzzle - New Doraemon: Nobita and the Birth of Japan: Doraemon to Pega, Guri, Dorako 144pcs (144-46)
Jigsaw Puzzle - Moon Rise Over Pirates Cove (Peter Pan) 1000pcs (D1000-416)
Jigsaw Puzzle Frame - TSUNAGARU+ square Aka Rosso (Red) for 100pcs Puzzles (100-03F)
Jigsaw Puzzle Frame - TSUNAGARU+ square Sea Nee Blue (Blue) for 100pcs Puzzles (100-04F)
Jigsaw Puzzle Frame - TSUNAGARU+ square Kihowan (Yellow) for 100pcs Puzzles (100-05F)
Jigsaw Puzzle - Touken Ranbu Online: Urashima Kotetsu & Hachisuka Kotetsu & Nagasone Kotetsu 300pcs (300-1108)
Jigsaw Puzzle - Dragon Ball Super: Uchuu wo Kaketa Tatakai 108 Large Pcs (108-L552)
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Combined Shipping
Items may only be combined for shipping if they are all in-stock, or pre-orders scheduled to be released the same month. In-stock and back-ordered items can be combined with pre-order items scheduled to be released the current month.
Stock Status
The stock status of items at our store is updated regularly during business hours. There may be some cases where the stock status displayed on our website does not match our available stock and items that are shown on our website as available may actuality be sold out. Customers will be contacted if this occurs.
Shipping Methods
*EMS: 3-7 days delivery. Includes tracking and insurance up to 20,000 JPY. Recommended.
*Air Small Packet: 1-2 weeks delivery. Includes delivery confirmation and limited insurance up to 6,000 JPY. Size/weight restrictions apply.
*SAL Small Packet (Registered): 2-5 weeks delivery. Includes delivery confirmation and limited insurance up to 6,000 JPY.Size/weight restrictions apply.
*SAL Small Packet (Unregistered): 2-5 weeks delivery. No delivery confirmation, no insurance. Size/weight restrictions apply.
*SAL Parcel: 2-5 weeks delivery. Includes delivery confirmation and limited insurance. Some size/weight restrictions may apply.
*Sagawa Express: 1-2 days delivery within Japan via Sagawa Express. Includes tracking and delivery day/time may be specified. 500 JPY flat rate per order. Additional 200 JPY required for COD payments.

Delivery estimates are not guaranteed.

Shipping & Handling Fees (S&H)
We will inform you of the actual shipping rates for your items when your order is in stock and ready to ship. Please note that we cannot provide shipping quotes for pre-order items as we do not know their final size or weight.

Some rough estimates of EMS fees are as follows:

Small-Size Poseable Figure - appx. 1,500 JPY ~ 2,000 JPY, to North America
1/8 - 1/6 PVC Figure - appx. 2,000 JPY ~ 3,600 JPY, to North America
(Oceania is generally the same price, Asia is appx. 15% less, and Europe/South America are more expensive)

Please see our Payment/Shipping and FAQ for more detailed information.

AmiAmi Points
Purchases at our store may accumulate points based on item prices. Points for an order will be distributed approximately 17 days after order shipment, and may be redeemed for future purchases at the rate of 1 point = 1 JPY.
Watch List
Keep track of items by adding them to your watch list. Adding an item to your watch list does not secure stock of that item for your order.
All sales are final. No returns will be accepted, with the exception of defective items. Please contact us within 7 days of receipt if there is a problem with your item or order.
Contact Information
AmiAmi / Oh-ami Inc.
4-21-11 Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0002 JAPAN
Phone: +81-3-3813-5851 (Mon-Fri 12:00-17:00 JST, except Japanese holidays)

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