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Newly Added Items

Osomatsu-san Coloring Book (BOOK, Tentative Name)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Anime Complete Guide Sennen no Kioku (BOOK)
Overlord Vol.6 Special Package Edition (BOOK)
Deformed Chara no Kakikata (How to Draw Chibi Characters) (BOOK)
Tokyo-hatsu! Kousoku Bus Guide (BOOK)
Air Gun Chou Zukan 2016 (BOOK)
Milihime Taisen Illustration Collection Part.2 Light Armored Vehicle Arc (BOOK)
Blue Steel 5: AMX-13 in Lebanon (BOOK)
Achtung Girls und Panzer Part.2 -Girls und Panzer Official Tank Guidebook- (BOOK)
Osamu Tezuka SD Hero Artwork Collection [Supplemented New Package Edition] (BOOK)
Role & Roll RPG Series - Satasupe Supplement Tekkaba to Teppoudama (BOOK)
Grumman S2F/S-2 Tracker & WF-2/E-1B Tracer Part.2 (BOOK)
Abrams Squad Separate Issue No.4 Gulf War 1991 Modeling Book (BOOK)
Code Geass: Oz the Reflection Vol.2 (BOOK)
German Air Force Star Fighter Part.1 The F-104G with The Fighter Bomber Units (BOOK)
German Air Force Alpha Jet Part.2 Operational Service and Disbandment (BOOK)
[AmiAmi Exclusive Bonus] Chinatsu Kurahana "Uta no Prince-sama" Complete Visual Book "Prithm" (BOOK)
Girls und Panzer Senshadou Daisakusen! Senshadou no Kokoroe (BOOK, Tentative Name)
Moeru! Demi Human Jiten (Demi Human Encyclopedia) (BOOK)
Role & Roll RPG Series - Eclipse Phase (BOOK)
Hisashi Kagawa Toei Animation PreCure Works (BOOK, Tentative Name)
Akita Toriyama Dragon Quest Illustrations (BOOK)
Figure JAPAN "Frame Arms Girl" Hen (BOOK)
KING OF PRISM by Pretty Rhythm Ouen BOOK (BOOK)
B's LOG 2016 August Issue (MAGAZINE)
Monthly HobbyJAPAN 2016 August Issue (MAGAZINE)
Biweekly Book "Detective Conan DVD Collection" Binder (BOOK)
Model Art 2016 July Issue / Top Feature: Overcoat no Kagaku (Tentative) (MAGAZINE)
Monthly Shonen Ace 2016 July Issue (MAGAZINE)
Model Cars 2016 July Issue Vol.242 (MAGAZINE)
Touhou Suzunaan Forbidden Scrollery Vol.6 Special Package Edition (BOOK)
Manga Sensha Senshi (BOOK)
TamaTama Gudetama-nga (BOOK)
Monthly Gundam Ace 2016 Aug. Issue (MAGAZINE)
CHECKER TAIL5 Nihon Joukuu no Crusader F-8 Crusader over Japan 1958-1979 (BOOK)
Model Graphix 2016 Aug. Issue (MAGAZINE)
Uchusen vol.153 (MAGAZINE)
F-104J/DJ Photograph Collection (BOOK)
Detective Conan DVD Collection vol.6 (BOOK)
Model Graphix 2016 July Issue (MAGAZINE)
Monthly Gundam Ace 2016 July Issue (MAGAZINE)
Monthly HobbyJAPAN 2016 July Issue (MAGAZINE)
Aoharu x Machinegun Vol.10 First Release Limited Special Package Edition w/Booklet (BOOK)
Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION Official Fan Book (BOOK)
Updated Edition Neko Atsume Nekodarake Zukan (BOOK)
Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt RECORD of THUNDERBOLT (MAGAZINE)
Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans - Tekketsu no Gunpla Kyoukasho (MAGAZINE)
S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla Tamashii (BOOK)
Utsura Uraraka -Eretto ART WORKS- Limited Edition (BOOK)
Utsura Uraraka -Eretto ART WORKS- Regular Edition (BOOK)
Toys Up! #11 (BOOK)
Weekly Star Wars Millennium Falcon Vol.20 (MAGAZINE)
Kanzen Fukkoku-ban Clow Card Fortune Book (from "Cardcaptor Sakura")
Hozuki no Reitetsu Vol.22 Limited Edition w/Metal Clasp (BOOK)
Air War Over Guadalcanal August-October 1942 (BOOK)
Model Art 2016 June Extra Issue / Joukyuu Teku wo Kiwameru! 1/700 Kansen Mokei no Seisakujutsu Souzarai 2 (MAGAZINE)
V Jump 2016 July Issue (MAGAZINE)
Mashiro-ke Complex! Vol.8 Limited Special Package Edition w/Drama CD & Memorial Book (BOOK)
Shigatsu no Kimi, Spica. Vol.5 Special Package Edition w/DVD (BOOK)
Kocchi Muite! Miiko Vol.29 (BOOK)
Himitsu no Oujisama Vol.4 (BOOK)
PuriPuri Chiichan! Vol.2 (BOOK)
Mashiro-ke Complex! Vol.8 Regular Edition (BOOK)
"Sore ga Seiyuu!" de Manabu Seiyuu ni Naru Tame no Kiso Chishiki (BOOK, Tentative Name)
Kamisama Kiss 25.5 Official Fan Book w/Anime DVD (BOOK)
V Jump 2016 August Issue (MAGAZINE)
Ship Model Special Separate Issue - German Tank Data Base Part.2 IV Tank/Self-propelled Gun 38(t) Tank/Self-propelled Gun Arc (MAGAZINE)
Model Art 2016 July Extra Issue - Painting Techniques of Airplanes by Using Airbrushes and Brushes (MAGAZINE)
Model Art 2016 Aug. Issue / Special Feature: How to Build Hornet (Tentative) (MAGAZINE)
Megami Magazine 2016 July Issue (MAGAZINE)
B's LOG 2016 July Issue (MAGAZINE)
Takuya Fujima Artwork Collection "ViVidgarden" (BOOK)
Youkai Sangokushi Official Kanzen Kouryaku Guide (BOOK)
Dragon Quest X no Arukikata Vol.1 (BOOK)
Final Fantasy XIV Magazine 2016 Summer Issue (MAGAZINE)
Tamiya Official Guidebook Mini 4WD Chosoku Guide 2016-2017 (BOOK)
Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Official Kanzen Dokuhon (BOOK)
Otomedia 2016 July Separately Issue - Otomedia Ste-mu VOL.3 (MAGAZINE)
Monthly Champion RED 2016 July Issue (MAGAZINE)
CUT 2016 June Issue (MAGAZINE)
Jumpryu! Vol.10 (MAGAZINE)
[MANGA] Yotsuba&! (Vol.1-13, Latest Volume)
[MANGA] Takasugi-san Chi no Obentou (Vol.1-10, Latest Volume)
Ground Power (Main Magazine) 2016 June Issue Challenger Shuryoku Sensha (BOOK)
Hatsukoi Monster Vol.6 Special Package Edition w/CD (BOOK)
Noble Witches Kunika Premium BOX w/Hugging Pillow Cover (BOOK)
Monotone Museum RPG Replay & Data Book Traumend (BOOK)
Shogakukan Special Pokemon Fan 48 (MAGAZINE)
Fate/Grand Oder Comic Anthology Vol.2 (BOOK)
[Hihou] Mahou Shoujo no Sono Ato no Nichijou. Vol.1 (BOOK)
[Hihou] Mahou Shoujo no Sono Ato no Nichijou. Vol.2 (BOOK)
[MANGA] Big Order (Vol.1-9, Latest Volume)
[MANGA] Hatsukoi Monster (Vol.1-6, Latest Volume)
[LIGHT NOVEL] Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (All 10 Volumes)
Sanei Mook Racing on No.483 / Top Feature: "Wing Car no Jidai" (BOOK)
Sanei Mook Japanese Best 100 Races Vol.73 "1995 Suzuka 1000km" (BOOK)
World Aircraft No.173 F-4J, S Phantom II (MAGAZINE)
Visual Kaiseki Battleship "Yamato" (BOOK)
Weekly Star Wars Millennium Falcon Vol.19 (MAGAZINE)


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