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Newly Added Items

Fire Emblem Cipher Official Guide (BOOK)
SS Illustration Making Book -SS illust making book- Water Colors vol.01 (BOOK)
Norn + Nonette Last Era Official Fan Book (BOOK)
Uchuu Kaibutsu Zukan Fukkoku-Edition (BOOK)
Armor Modeling 2015 July Separate Issue Navy Yard Vol.29 (MAGAZINE)
Monthly Armor Modeling 2015 July Issue (MAGAZINE)
Nishi ART WORKS Vol.2 Zoku Adesugata Giga Part.2 (BOOK)
First Jet Pilot (BOOK)
Monthly Young Ace 2015 Aug. Issue (MAGAZINE)
Dengeki Hobby Magazine HOW TO Series Kanpeki Tosou Guide Part.3 Airbrush Kanzen Kouryaku (BOOK)
CODE OF JOKER Complete (BOOK, Tentative Name)
Neon Genesis Evangelion TV Animation Setting Material Collection 2015 Edition (BOOK)
Nisekoi Vol.21 Pre-order Limited Edition w/Anime DVD (BOOK)
Heisei Gamera Perfection (BOOK)
anamnesis Hiro Kiyohara Artwork Collection (BOOK)
Junjou Romantica Vol.20 Limited Edition w/Premium Anime DVD (BOOK)
NyanTYPE 2015 Sept. Issue (MAGAZINE)
Megami Magazine 2015 Sept. Issue (MAGAZINE)
Dice Game Hyakka (BOOK)
Natsuiro High School Seishun Hakusho (ryaku) Official Complete Guide (BOOK)
Pokemon Life Shogakukan Pokemon Special 2015 Sept. Issue (MAGAZINE)
Kadokawa Manga Gakushuu Series "Japanese History" All 15 Volumes Set w/Bonus (BOOK)
Hyakka Ryotan "Daisenran!! Sangokushi Battle" The Illustrations (BOOK)
Takayuki Yanase Mechanic Design Works (BOOK)
Ciao Comics - Elite Jack!! Vol.6 Special Package Edition w/DVD (BOOK)
Orenchi no Furo Jijou Vol.6 Limited Edition w/Drama CD (BOOK)
Nichijou Vol.10 Special Package Edition (BOOK)
LOST IN ANIME Thomas Romain DESIGN WORKS (Thomas Romain Artwork Collection) (BOOK)
Dengeki G's Comic vol.15 / Bonus: "Love Live!" Nozomi Tojo 2.5 Figure (MAGAZINE)
Junjou Romantica Vol.19 Limited Edition w/Illustration Collection (BOOK)
Sangokushi Taisen Trading Card Game - Sangokushi Rekishi Emaki [GI no Maki] (BOOK)
Iono the Fanatics Vol.1 Special Package Edition (BOOK)
Iono the Fanatics Vol.2 Special Package Edition (BOOK)
Kachou Fuugetsu Vol.4 Special Edition w/Booklet (BOOK)
Dengeki G's Magazine 2015 August Issue w/"Love Live!" Magnet Bookmark (MAGAZINE)
Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru Visual Fan Book (BOOK)
Dengeki Moeoh 2015 Aug. Issue (MAGAZINE)
spoon. 2Di Vol.3 (MAGAZINE)
NyanTYPE 2015 Aug. Issue (MAGAZINE)
Megami Magazine 2015 Aug. Issue (MAGAZINE)
Tokoro George no Setagaya Base VOL.29 (BOOK)
World Warship Collection 65. Isokaze (BOOK)
Love Live! School Idol Festival official illustration book Part.2 (BOOK)
Knights of Glory Official Art Works (BOOK)
Nekoatsume Official book - Neko Atsume Biyori (BOOK)
Touhou Saigichou CLIP STUDIO PAINT Illustration Technique (BOOK)
Situation de Miru Damage Hyougen no Kakikata (Drawing Damages Through Situations) (BOOK)
Sekaiju to Fushigi no Dungeon Official Setting Material Collection (BOOK)
Himouto! Umaru-chan N (BOOK, Tentative Name)
Monthly Comic Alive 2015 Sep. Issue w/Bonus: "Non Non Biyori" Hotaru Ichijou Smartphone Stand (MAGAZINE)
Lis-Ani! Vol.22(BOOK)
TV Anime Junketsu no Maria Character Works (BOOK, Tentative Name)
Jun Mochizuki 2nd Artwork Collection PandoraHearts "There is." (BOOK)
Monthly Comic Alive 2015 Aug. Issue w/Bonus: "Non Non Biyori" Renge Miyauchi Smartphone Stand (MAGAZINE)
Monthly Comp Ace 2015 Aug. Issue (MAGAZINE)
XenobladeX Official Guide (BOOK)
Wonder Festival 2015 Summer Guidebook (BOOK)
One-Punch Man Vol.9 w/Drama CD (BOOK)
Hiro Kiyohara Artwork Collection PRESENCE (BOOK)
CUT 2015 Aug. Issue (BOOK)
with 2015 Sept. Issue (MAGAZINE)
Monthly HobbyJAPAN 2015 Sept. Issue (MAGAZINE)
Monthly Shonen Ace 2015 Sept. Issue (MAGAZINE)
Monthly Comp Ace 2015 Sept. Issue (MAGAZINE)
Shuuen 70 Shuunen Tokubetsu Kikaku "38-shiki Hoheijuu to NIhon Rikugun" (BOOK)
PERSONA3 THE MOVIE #1 & #2 Fan Book (BOOK)
Dengeki G's Festival! COMIC Vol.42 (MAGAZINE)
Model Art 2015 Aug. Issue Musashi no Shinjitsu 2015 (MAGAZINE)
CLOCK ZERO -Shuuen no Ichibyou- ExTime Official Art Book (BOOK)
Wasou no Kakikata - Japanese Costume Illustration Complete Master Book (BOOK)
Car Magazine 2015 Aug. Issue (MAGAZINE)
Model Cars 2015 Aug. Issue Vol.231 (MAGAZINE)
Rosso 2015 Aug. Issue (MAGAZINE)
Pick-up Voice 2015 Aug. Issue vol.92 (MAGAZINE)
BRAVE FRONTIER Juuyoku no Hakaisha (BOOK, Tentative Name)
Kaidan Kanojo 4 -Hyakki Yakou- (BOOK)
SOCCER GAME KING 2015 Sept. Issie Vol.043 w/Bonus: SGK Original WCCF Card (MAGAZINE)
Chain Chronicle 2nd season Illustrations Part.1 (BOOK)
B's LOG 2015 Sept. Issue (MAGAZINE)
Bokura no Kiseki Vol.12 Special Package Edition (BOOK)
PUSH!! Illustration Gathering (MAGAZINE)
Isekai Ryouridou Part.3 (BOOK)
Gagaga Bunko - My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Vol.11 (BOOK)
Monthly Gundam Ace 2015 Aug. Issue (MAGAZINE)
Monthly Shonen Ace 2015 Aug. Issue (MAGAZINE)
Monthly HobbyJAPAN 2015 Aug. Issue (MAGAZINE)
Famitsu App NO.24 iPhone (MAGAZINE)
Animal Girls Collection Dog Arc (BOOK)
Moeru! Encyclopedia EXTRA - Moeru! Nihontou Jiten (Japanese Katana Swords) (BOOK)
Dengeki Moeoh "Kan Colle" Battle Memorial Visual Book (BOOK, Tentative Name)
Mutant Turtles Part.1 (BOOK, Tentative Name)
Drawing Robots Basic - From Hako Robot to Original Robo (BOOK)
LaLa 2015 Sept. Issue (MAGAZINE)
NARUTO Dojunjou Ninja (BOOK)
Shin Anime Seichi Junrei Guide (New Anime Location Guide) (BOOK)
The Art of Drew Struzan Poster Art Collection (BOOK)
Making of Mad Max: Fury Road (BOOK)
The Avengers: Age of Ultron Prelude (BOOK, Tentative Name)


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