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East Japan Charity Dojinshi "pray for Japan" (BOOK)()
東日本チャリティ同人誌 『pray for Japan』 (書籍)

Media Pal (Release Date: mid May-2011)

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B5, 150pages


Donations will be sent to Japanese Red Cross.

Manga writers: Mizuho Aimoto, Sakuya Amano, Rando Ayamine, Yui Ayumi, Natsumi Ando/ Miyuki Kobayashi, Tsunami Umino, Miyuki Etoh, Kei Enue, Hiromi Ookubo, Naomi Ono, Michiyo Kikuda, KogeDonbo*, Jin Kobayashi, Marimo Shirasawa, Yuki Suetsugu, Kouji Seo, Arina Tanemura, Hiroyuki Tamakoshi, Kaya Tsukiyama, Ema Tooyama, Yousuke Nakamaru, Ten Nakamura, Yaeko Ninagawa, Tomoko Ninomiya, Chisato Nesumi, Hanayo Hanatsu, Pink Hanamori, Asumi Hara, PEACH-PIT, Satiry Hiura, Tachibana Higuchi, Haruka Hukushima, Tooru Fujisawa, Ayumi Fujimura, Hiro Mashima, Wataru Mizukami, Yoshiyuki Murakami, Kotori Momoyuki, Daisy Yamada, Jun Yuzuki, Miki Yoshikawa, Morohe Yoshida, Makoto Raiku, Chiyo Rokka, Shizumu Watanabe
Illustrator: Aoi Nishimata, Yuka Kayura
Script writer: Michiko Yokote, Natsuko Takahashi
Picture book writer: Nobumi
Beans bunko: Mitsuru Yuuki
Talent: Shoko Nakagawa

Japan Style

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