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Product Category : Trading Cards > Idols / Talents > Female Idols 

Juicy Honey Luxury Edition 2016 Sexy Actresses Luxury Edition Trading Card(Released)
ジューシーハニー・ラグジュアリーエディション2016 セクシー女優 高級版トレーディングカード

Mint (Release Date: late Dec-2016)

*Actual product may differ from photos.

Image file name : http://img.amiami.jp/images/product/main/164/TC-IDL-1000.jpg


48 Cards/BOX


Randomly assorted.

-One box includes 1-2 premium or luxury insert with serial number! Added to the special insert, you will get 4 cards from one box!
-A booklet-style luxury insert is included with a probability of 1 per carton (12 boxes)!
There are 3 types: direct autograph & raw kiss (25 cards), nipple combo (25 cards), pinky spot combo (26 cards)!
-In addition, there are 5 types of super rare luxury inserts! (8 types if you consider the booklet type too)
Directly drawn illustration & autograph (30 cards), personal object & directly written message (25 cards), quad santa costume (50 cards), direct autographed super big lingerie (A: 10 cards, B: 5 cards)!

From a box you can obtain 4 special cards (including 1-2 luxury/premium cards), 4 juicy special cards, 40 regular cards!
From a carton (12 boxes) you can obtain a booklet style luxury card!

-Regular cards are available in 72 types, all with high class special processing! Pictures are newly taken in tropical islands!
-Insert cards "juicy special" are available in 9 types! You can get 4 from a box!
-Special inserts have a direct autograph or include a piece of clothing that was worn during the photoshoot! You can get 2-3 from a box!
Direct autograph (A: 300 cards, B: 250 cards, C: 180 cards, D: 120 cards, E: 50 cards)
Costume (A: 250 cards, B: 250 cards), swimsuit (250 cards), bikini (150 cards), lingerie (A: 120 cards, B: 110 cards)!

-Premium insert (1-2 per box)
Premium direct autograph (30 cards, diecut: 15 cards, 1OF1/combo: 30 cards, quad: 25 cards), directly written message (30 cards), direct autograph & lingerie (30 cards), pinky spot (A&B: 26 cards), combo bikini (30 cards), quad lingerie (A&B: 25 cards), directly autographed polaroid (1OF1), raw photograph (1OF1), directly autographed raw photograph (1OF1), direct kiss (30 cards), direct autograph & kiss (20 cards), direct autograph & DNA (5 cards), quad DNA (4 cards), rare spot (1OF1, 40 types), bra hook (1OF1, 12 types)!
-Luxury insert (9 types)
Directly drawn illustration & autograph (30 cards), personal object card & directly written message (25 cards), quad santa costume (50 cards), directly autographed big lingerie (A: 10 cards, B: 5 cards), booklet-style direct autograph & raw kiss (25 cards), both nipples (25 cards), pinky spot (26 cards)!

Featured actresses:
-Moe Amatsuka
-Mion Sonoda
-Kana Momonogi

Japan Style


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